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Back ache

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Ok just recently I have begun to have lower back pain that just doesn’t stop. I have to straighten up slowly when I stand and can hardly lift anything moe than 10 pounds. Is there something from PMRGCA that would cause this?

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None of this is any fun, and it's even worse when we're feeling low and alone on a Sunday evening.

I'm sure someone or two will be along to give you some good ideas and information, but in the meantime, let me say I am sorry you are suffering, and hope you find relief soon. Perhaps a heating pad or a cool gel pack will help a bit in the meantime.

Hang in there.

After 2 years of PMR, lower back pain has become my most painful symptom, especially troublesome when I stand for any length of time. X Rays have shown significant degeneration of my lower spine. Relief is obtained by walking or having my feet up. I don’t think this is a PMR pain but it may have worsened over the period I have been taking Prednisalone. The inability to lift weights without consequences is, in my view, a PMR related symptom.

Poor you, poor me, poor us. ☹️

Gentle Yoga maybe of benefit.

Thank you so much. I have been on Prednisone for 4 years and this is a new ache and pain. I think an x-ray is in order.

I had a back op last Feb, but I was on the road to recovery when theses conditions started, I also now have constant lower back pain I also believe as sheffieldjayne it's a symptom good luck with X-rays be interesting to see your results, good luck

My xray showed arthritis..

After 4+ years PMR/prednisone, as I tapered pred dose , my back pain began to appear and has continued.

pain does respond to athletic rubs and heat, even tried a TENS unit. Every day I use paracetamol/tylenol for the arthritis pain.

Guess old age is catching up with me🤪

Please get Dr to investigate to see what's happening. In the meantime you can help by gentle stretches. The sciatic nerve can be stretched up to 7cm.

First thing in the morning I throw covers off and lay on my back with knees bent and feet together and i gently rock my knees from side to side until things seem to loosen up a little. I then turn onto tummy and push shoulders up and back as far as I can and hold..not A long job these days but they at leadt get me up. I do a range of standing ones There are lots of stretches but you should see a physiotherapist to help with a plan. good luck.

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I tried the knee rocking and that does help. Now I will try and get through a day of work.

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Must be an epidemic of it - I've just had sort-of flu (didn't fulfill the criterion of I wouldn't/couldn't pick up a 50 euro note off the floor) and low back pain came to join in the fun. It was all the time if I did more than breathe" Coughing was bad and getting from sitting to standing was AWFUL.

The rheumatologist decided it was acute inflammation of the sacroiliac joints and local muscles (worst pain was where the baby's dimples are which are trigger points for myofascial pain syndrome) and is treating it with a week of high dose NSAID infusions (I'm in Italy, doubt you'd get it in the UK). It seems to have worked.

However - what you DO need is a spinal x-ray to be sure it isn't a spontaneous fracture of a vertebra. Just in case.

I will look into having an x-ray. I think it might be muscular but not really sure. Having been on Prednisone for four years worries me. I live in Washington state and work in a very busy medical clinic as Administrative support. My GP is just one floor away but she is extremely busy and so I tend to feel like an additional burden to her already busy schedule. I have gotten valuable info and support from everyone on this forum!

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I've been on pred for heading for 9 years - and mine wasn't a fracture. But obviously needed to be considered.

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An x-ray will help you determine if it is muscular. I would be banging on her door. If your doctor was elsewhere I bet you would seek treatment earlier. It could be a bulging disc which will take up to 6 weeks to feel better. Amitriptyline may help and you definitely need a programme of stretches if it is muscular.

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Ps try not to sit for longer than 20mins. Get up and just have a stretch and 2 min walk and it will stop you stiffening. And make sure you have pillow between your knees in bed on your side or a couple of pillows under your knees if on your back.

When I still worked and was in an office I would have a blanket that I would lay on and would put my feet and legs up on my chair. Believe me there's nowhere I wouldnt lay down to just rest and stretch when I have to.

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I am new to this forum which is very informative. I have trouble finding a Rheumy who really understands PMR and can give guidance here in the US. I also live in Washington State.

I have been bothered from having pain close to my right rib cage. I did not have a fall.....I need to find out if this is muscle related.

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I love this forum! I have found the support and information uplifting. I have Kaiser Permanente and live in Port Orchard.

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I live in Vancouver, WA and I see my GP at Peace Health and my Rheumy at the Vancouver Clinic.

After three years into PMR, unfortunately also dealing with extremely painful PA (Palindromic Rheumatism) flare ups, I am still trying to explain to the doctors my health problems.

I finally found a Rheumy recently, who does, but she still wants me to reduce to 0 with prednisone eventually, which probably will never happen. I am on 10 mg as of now.

No fun to have to deal with the aging process........

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A good 75% of patients with PMR DO get off pred in up to 6 years and another 20% take longer but still get off pred. Only about 5% remain on pred forever - and some of them will be patients in whom adrenal function doesn't return fully. Never say never!

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Thank you - there is hope!

Poopadoop is right. I've had a lower back pain since on the 'Preds'. Stretching does help but professional advice is best to avoid aggravating the condition. I do my exercises in the hot shower. The best ones are the cat type which are done kneeling and the simple forward bend hanging loose as near to your toes as you can for 20 to 30 seconds. Do not bounce up and down, just hang with loose arms.

Good luck and sympathy.

You would think I would know these things at 61 yrs of age but I learn something new everyday.

Kneeling? What the heck is that?

I know it is not funny as I too suffer with the wretched lower back pain but the picture of you doing The Cat under a hot shower just made me laugh 😂. Sorry for that hope it eases soon.....I have a heated pad which is good too

I have been moving slow and it is starting to get a bit better.

Well you would have had hysterics then after I backed into the oversized (and pointed) bath tap when we were on holiday. That hurt!

Ooh the thought makes my eyes water poor you 😭. I think I will stick with my heated pad

Practically crippled all summer with lower back pain, but much better now, the new exercises (added to and tweaks of long standing exercises) have helped, although it took a while. I have some fairly significant arthritic changes in lumbar and cervical spine.

14 months since PMR dx and down to 6mg pred from 25mg. Has not been fun as you know. Lower back pain is fairly constant and gets worse as the day goes on. Pain is around the serratus on both sides and what I would call the hip girdle. Also get a sensation of worms wriggling under my skin in the serratus regions. Not tactile hallucinations - no drugs or booze - except pred.

Strange that the pain seems to be receding to the place where it began?!

I do a few sets of squats daily which helps me get to the floor if I need to pick things up. Easy if I lower rather than bend.

Good luck!

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