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Another update on “Advice for a friend”

PMRpro my friend saw his doctor finally and asked for more advice on why he was getting pain at night but not in the day. You will not be surprised to hear that the doctor wouldn’t countenance any other diagnosis and has just told my friend to up his prednisolone. Watch this space as to how this works!! Anyway thank you for the trouble you went to to help and he was very grateful for your advice.

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Where is the pain exactly?


It seems to be in his back. His legs are ok.


Hmm, nocturnal back pain ought to be investigated I’d have thought to rule out other things that do cause this, as PMRpro has said. A bit more pressure on the GP?

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Where does he live? Is this his GP?


does he, like so many men, sleep on his stomach??? that's a No.


I hope your friend is helped by.the increased dose,but it could be as SnazzyD said,something else causing the back pain. I did used to get lower back pain at night when l first had PMR though.


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