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Keeping positive

Tapering down and on 20mg pred. Keeping a daily diary to help this up and down process as I go along. X-ray yesterday and hip fracture has healed completely with screws so no hip replacement! Danced Saturday after playing in ukelele gig. Hula hooped half hour Sunday. 20 mins today. Self diagnosed (with this wonderful group and a cheeky tongue inspection by pharmacist) that I have thrush.... (Been complaining for ages ....). Can deal with hump on neck and fat face. Struggling with huge black bags under eyes? Another pred side effect? Chelitis - side of mouth, trying different remedies found on health unlocked and again, after 9 months on prescribed cream, now having success with lavender and Vaseline! Life is in spite of PMR feeling good today! Thanks everyone - I pour over every entry and it helps me keep on track and positive. Resting now!

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Keep up the positive attitude 😄 well done!

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That's a lot of testing hip and pmr! So glad it's all holding up and posivity growing. 👍

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You are a hoot and inspiration to all of us! Your post is great! I’m on the site from 3:00 am waiting for my 5:00 Pred dose. I also keep a journal but it’s more of an emotional catharsis tracking my PMR experience....Pred head, fatigue, creating a new life in forced retirement and how I got this particular autoimmune disorder and it’s many gifts and lessons.

Thanks for your amazing positive attitude and helping me see how lucky I am.


Sandy - I read here that amitriptilyne can help with sleep - and for me it is another miracle drug as it helps bladder control too! First time for YEARS that I have slept longer than 2/3 hours. I aim only to use whilst tapering down to lower (eventually) dose of steroids. (My diary was not quite so positive as I reduced from 25 to 20....). Now off to reformer Pilates! This site is a tonic.


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