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Disappointing 🙄 I have messed up

Double booked for next Tuesday.

I was looking forward to seeing a few of you a Ilkley. 🙄😲

Also a favourite place of mine always had a soft spot for it.

A lot of memories 🙄

I’m a tatty at time when it comes to dates

I said I would go to a Christmas do at the owls

Also promised to do a turn there

But here’s too the next time 🥂🍕

I must be more careful 😤

All the best folks take care and all the best


Ronzy. hugs.

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Have a happy painfree Christmas Ronzy. What kind of turn? Hidden talents or what?


Thx😊 and you. Jane.

I was in scouting for 50 odd years.

So I do funny little sketches.

They seem to like them 🙄

I am running out of sketches now 😱

I did one on the cruise ship one time

It went down quite well. Got a compliment

From the comedian. 😱

Catch you next time. 🍀🍀🍀🌹🌹


We'll miss you next week, Ronzy.

We'll have to book you in for next time! What are your fees? :-D

Season's Greetings to you and yours.


I’m free 🎼

😂 Definitely next time.

Sorry 😳

Hope plenty turn up and you have a great time and plenty of laughs.

Ron 🍀🍀🌹🌹🌹


Thanks Ron, we'll raise our coffee cups to you!


In that case I will send you a picture of me in my silly hat.


After hearing about this meeting in Ilkley and chatting a little with Rugger on message, thought about coming up by train from Stevenage - I live in Hertfordshire. My daughter said it is the steroids driving me to think of doing this!! I am used to travelling long distances by car and would have loved to link up with you but probably not this time.

Not sure this is the place to ask but I will. I have been on15mg Pred since late diagnosis of PMR (CPR) on October 14 2017. CPR was first 75, then 24. Level went down to under 5 and my GP reduced Pred dose to 13mg. November 28. I have some wonderful mornings and enjoy what I do but I also suddenly can hardly keep my eyes open. I have read the 'spoons' pacing story and found it helpful. My eyes just feel so odd, but no headaches. Remember this awful exhaustion as a student nurse in the 60's when seemed I could walk the hospital corridors with my eyes closed!

My GP seems very used to dealing with PMR and confident, but has not suggested a Rheumatologist. My mother had PMR after my father died suddenly and I took her to one back then 1981.

Is it the PMR or/and the steroids making me so spaced out? Any thoughts from those reading this very welcome. Thanks.


You'd be better starting a new thread - just because more people will see it and reply rather than this being a "wrong" place. This is a very strange forum layout for notifications!!

It could be either. PMR is an autoimmune disorder and a/i disorders commonly come with "brain fog". Pred can also cause "brain fog". And of course you may be having a double whammy!

If your GP is getting it right and you are happy - why risk a difficult rheumy? If it morphs to GCA or you run into problems then maybe it is worth it. I've managed to escape a "real" rheumy referral since the very first in the UK who didn't think it was PMR. Everone I've seen since agrees it is - despite the length of time it has lasted. I'm actually about to meet one of the top people in the world who helped draw up the Recommendations and who co-authored a textbook a year or so ago. I hope I don't regret it!!!! It was my request...


All the very best for this meeting.


I think travelling from Hertfordshire to Yorkshire is above and beyond.....! And we have snow forecast, so a few of us locals might not make it, although it would be lovely to meet you. Maybe plan a trip oop North in better weather? Have a look on the PMRGCAuk charity website to see where your nearest group is.

I think the 'Deathly Fatigue' is a symptom of PMR, rather than the steroids, but others may add more.

I believe a GP is considered able to treat 'uncomplicated' PMR. A Rheumatology referral is definitely recommended for GCA.


Very sensible comments! I will come oop north in the better weather, and thank you for your thoughts on what is happening to me at the moment!


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