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PMR - new symptoms

Had a wonderful evening with the family for my granddaughters 7th birthday. Came home went to sleep, I feel I slept well.

Well surprise surprise PMR threw me a curve ball. Woke up the next morning and couldn't move my right arm above my waist or push my arm out from a 90 degree angle. Talk about frustrated! I was doing very well and then WHAM! out of nowhere this happens.

I saw the GP today and he said my deltoid bursa and deltoid tendon were irritated, so he gave me a cortisone shot. It's been 8 hrs since the shot and I am experiencing Improvement, but still have a little residual pain.

Has anyone else experienced something like this overnight?

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I need to correct my post regarding the pain I experienced after reading the doctors notes he is calling it Subacromial bursitis

Rotator cuff impingement syndrome of right shoulder.

Either way it hurt like crazy, limited my range of motion and came on overnight.


It must have been that last round of the"bumps". Do you do that where you are? Bouncing the birthday girl, someone holding the legs and someone holding her arms and bumping her 7 times on the floor.

Horrible reminder that our body is not our own! Sounds excruciating. Hope you heal quickly!


I had a quick look on the internet that describes the deltoid as being in the ankle! I perhaps should have read further. Poor you! You were clearly having too much fun to notice that you had sustained some damage. I guess it is to do with injury rather a PMR flare. I hope you heal quickly and manage to take it easy. You forgot you were ill didn't you? Love is a great analgesic. Get well soon!


Thank you for the well wishes. It seems like the more careful I am the more things happen. My grandkids know that their "Gigi" as they call me can't play to hard right now. But the shot from the GP really helped. Have a great day!


Hi sunnyd7. You have my sympathy, the same thing has happened to me. Was diagnosed with steroid myopathy at last hospital visit (so was aware I had to be careful) and waiting for a physio appt. But after helping my father to walk a few yards recently (he had a stroke and leans heavily on me) my upper arm got very sore and within a day was exactly as you described and is now getting worse. Am seeing the doc on Friday. Have had rotator cuff injuries in the past so recognised it immediately. Mine is worse in the evening (take pred at night) and easier in the morning. Trying to lift the duvet when first in bed seems an impossible task. Hope it continues to improve. All the best cc 🤗


Carrollee: thank you for your response. My arm continues to improve which is great. My mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday and home from the hospital today so I was helping her get in the house and get settled in. I hope you can get some relief from your arm pain and there is nothing serious involved.


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