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Surgery and steroids

I have had PMR for 8 years and GCA for the last 5 years I am 62 years old. I've spent the last few years on the prednisolone roller coaster ranging from 5mg not very often to sometimes 80 mg as pred increasingly failed to resolve the double vision. There is a theory it might be 4th nerve palsy but undecided between eye doctors and rheumi.

Currently on 10mg and needing an umbilical hernia op. Surgeon has talked about higher risk factors of surgery on steroids including delayed healing, inability to fight infection etc.

Got me a bit worried but it needs doing as he advised it can be life threatening if bowel gets trapped!

Anyone experience of this or other surgery on steroids, risks, healing etc

Thanks in advance

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I have had two surgeries on steroids. Ask your surgeon though.


Depends on the surgeon - some don't turn a hair, others have a hissy fit. But they must mention all the possibilities so you can sign your consent form as having informed consent. But I know people who had hip surgery at 10mg with no problems at all.


I just had surgery for a prolapsed bladder and was on 11 mg a day.They gave me extra prednisone in my IV at surgery and the mega dose pack after.It has been 5 weeks and no problems.The only problem was getting back down to 11mg.My Doctors seemed to know how to handle PMR and prednisone 😊

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