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Back up to feeling 50 percent

Hello all

After struggling sometime feeling like life was at the 20 to 30 percent mark I am now back to 50 for the past two days and I am now sure how it happened? Previous to the breakthrough I was at 10 percent one day and very despairing. I had cut work hours to half days and was resting. Saying no to social engagements and not knowing what else to do. I didn't even consider calling the dr as had just been for blood tests due to fatigue and all was well. Currently almost at 11.5. No pain just stiffness and an awful feeling of being unwell. Malaise? Any thoughts? Did I do something right that worked? PMR is always a puzzle.

Thanks online friends😉

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I think even once you have cut committments it takes a while for your body to catch up. Maybe you had a mild viral infection you weren't aware of? And it is possible that, if you are a 50% bioavailability person, you are already at a level where your adrenal glands have to struggle out of hibernation and actually do something. Or even just a bit of each - every little counts!


I do wonder if it's adrenal glands as I don't have pain. I did have a very slight cold. Does every small thing usually mean a set back? If that's the case I will know that and it helps. I also noticed taking sudafed one day gave me some zip but not the second day. It helps me to understand what is going on as medical people have been short on explanations I have found.


"Does every small thing usually mean a set back?"

Depends on the person - nothing seems to make much difference to me at all, until umpteen little things pile up and then one evening I sit there at dinner thinking "I want to just lie on the table and sleep..." Can't even find the energy to crawl under the table!!!

But your fatigue left-overs, a cold, maybe adrenals turning over and ignoring you...


Yes bunnymom, you rested and cut your hours and now you are reaping the reward. I hope this carries on, try to have some quiet fun though.🌸


Thanks Jane!


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