Second blood test today

Hi all you lovely people

Many thanks for your responses to my first posts. I have been back to doctors today and had a second set of blood tests after 3 weeks on pred. After the disbelief of the diagnosis I think I have accepted that I do indeed have PMR. Asked the nurse for first set of blood results and ESR/CPS levels were indeed significantly raised, she was very good and went through the results with me and was very encouraging and agreed that she or GP will give me results of all future bloods. I have to say I feel very lucky to have found PMRGCAuk so close to the start of this horrible condition that we are battling with, and also very relieved to have such a good GP and practice support. I am feeling much more positive and am learning the hard lesson of slowing down and pacing myself (is not coming easily) I have found the more I can relax and rest during the day the better I sleep at night. So am due to drop pred dose tomorrow but will take heed of what has been said on here and not rush things. Once again thank you all for your support

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  • Hi Alison,

    I think acceptance of this new “thing” and way of life is paramount to your recovery. It is difficult, but you can make it easier if you do that, and acknowledge that life will have to be handled slightly differently than in the past.

    Not sure what your drop will be, but many find that 15mg to 12.5mg is just a bit too big, especially after only 3 weeks on your initial dose. If you haven’t already, then get 1mg tablets prescribed, then you have more leeway with your reductions.

    15mg to 12.5mg is a recognised taper, but in percentage terms it is more than the guidelines recommend - “no reduction should be more than 10% of the current dose”. So just be aware, and good luck.

  • Yes, yes, and yes.

  • Thank you DL unfortunately I forgot to ask for 1 mg but will phone surgery and request. GP has suggested 12.5mg but I did wonder if perhaps 12.5 day 1 and 15 alternate days may work better. Just a juggling act really isn't it. Also I am feeling so much better and don't want to go backwards so early on so will be playing it very cautiously.

  • Could try that, or if your 2.5mg tab are uncoated variety they can be cut - giving you 1. 25mg roughly.

    I’m never too sure about the one day high dose/one day low dose way, personally think it’s better to have the same dose every day - but perhaps that’s just me!

    Pill cutter available a chemist only about £1 or so!

  • I am now able to see my blood test results on line which is great. They will even show them in graphical form. My surgery arranged the on line link.

  • Like piglette, I can see my blood results on line - not in graphical form, though. I do my own! Click on my name to see my graphs.

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