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Getting there slowing

I have not posted for a while diagnosed with gca last Feb had biopsy 6 wks bfore daughters wedding. Had great day. Just a update i am now on 5mg of predisone started at 60mg reducing 1mg a month. Doing alright at the minute other health problems but so far gca is not giving me any bother. I am 55 yrs young so doc thinks it menopause as well. I go for all hospital checks and as other posts got hair thinning,mood changes and fatigue. But it could be far worse. I have angina so when they take blood for heart always check my markers for gca. Kidneys giving bit of problem at minute but if i can fight heart attack five yrs ago gca a yr ago certainly can

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Hi again, you seem to be handling all this really well. The " I can do this" attitude really helps. It's when you fight the bad luck and unfairness of it all that you really suffer. As you say, you've conquered worse and you'll deal with this. Very glad the wedding went well in spite of the timing. What's the thinking on HRT these days? I wish now that I'd persisted with it. I had the Menopause at 45 and permanently lost a bit of my zest and zing.


I decided not to go on hrt as i take so many tablets at the minute. Heart and gca and doctor put me on folic acid. So rather not rattle when i walk. It not causing to many problems at the minute so will do without until feel that i need them. Dont get me wrong have bad days like everyone else but try and bounce back as quick as i can.

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So pleased you enjoyed the wedding.

And I agree so much with what SJ says - fighting against it just makes everything worse.


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