Hi everyone,.

After 3 days on 25mg and now 15 days on 15 mg I am wondering what will happen. Will he try to lower the dose and if so should I agree? The tapering plan I looked at suggested staying on 15 for 6 weeks and then lowering to 12.5.

Pain is pretty good. Feel tired and nauseous quite often.

Also, I take my Pred at bedtime. Seems to be okay.

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  • Hi,

    He may well suggest a reduction, really that depends on how you feel, and your bloods, if you’ve had them tested again.

    If he suggests a drop to 12.5mg, which is a recognised drop, but not always achievable for all, you may like to suggest a slightly smaller one, say 1mg or 1.5mg which is nearer the recommended taper - not more than 10% of your existing dose - written in the guidelines!

    Whatever, I would ask for 1mg tablets anyway, you will need them in future. Plus discuss the possibility of you being able to increase your medication yourself if you think you are having a flare at any time in the future.

    Some GPs are more accepting of this approach than others, depends how enlightened he is.

  • I will ask for 1mg and also I would be happier waiting a few more weeks to start reducing. Thanks for your input.

  • Whether he will suggest lowering the dose or not no-one can say but him. But DL has covered the basics - this isn't a race and going at things like a bull in a china shop usually results in tears.

    Have you a good reason for taking the pred at bedtime? I ask - because he probably will!

  • When I got hold of my first Pred it was about 5pm and woke up pain free. Then tried taking at 2 am setting alarm. Found I couldn't sleep so ended up taking at 10 pm. It's seems to be okay.

    I'm meant to be taking 1 tablet 3 times a day.

  • Well that's not the standard protocol for PMR which is the whole dose early in the morning, always with food, unless there is a particular reason why nighttime (again with food) works better for an individual. Odd you would have been told to take the pred in three separate doses.

  • I will discuss that with him. He is a young GP but when you are 72 all of them are young. He told me he hasnt much experience with PMR.

  • There is an excellent and quite recent entry on PMR in webmd. Maybe read it, and take a copy in to show him, ask his opinion sort of thing so he's not alienated?

  • It would be a good idea if you stayed at 15 for at least four weeks and you could ask if you could reduce by 1 mg per week rather than 2.5 for a couple. That worked well for me until 10, when I had to slow down, but we're all different.

  • That sounds like a good idea actually

  • My wife's GP has been more considerate than her rheumy. Her rheumy based the tapering process on blood test results which showed little or no inflammation. Her GP went more on her quality of life, even knowing that she is diabetic and the steroids are certainly not good for this situation. The GP kept her at a level where she is somewhat comfortable. She will see a new rheumy on November 10th


  • For goodness sake - OF COURSE the blood tests are normal: she is taking steroids to combat the inflammation! Where do they come up with these ideas!!

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