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Predn at 2am

Well after a comment from PMRpro in my first post I thought I'd give a 2am dose a go.

Well I was awake at 2am this morning and had taken drugs, a drink and a small snack to bed with me. Do I take them or do I wait, that was the decision for me and I decided to give it a go. So with the lights out I had to get my tablets out of the blister pack without losing them, wasn't that bad, but if I stay with 2am doses, I'll get them out before I go to sleep.

Well getting up this morning was easier than it has been, I have the normal aches in my arms and getting up of the sofa is not the easiest of things, but no worse than before.

As I have been doing I only took a half dose 3mg and will take the rest inn a couple of hours. Tonight will be interesting , but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I'm also working on a spreadsheet to do the tappering in PMRpro's post healthunlocked.com/pmrgcauk...

I'll set it so that you can put in a start dose of 10mg and a start date, from there it will show the date and dose you would be taking. I'm not going to try and work in rest periods, they can be dealt with by resetting the start date and dose.

I don't know how to share a file on here, but at the very least I could place it on dropbox or email to people.

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Take a look at this on another thread.


It works taking it at 2am as that is when the adrenal glands replenish for the next day.

If I remember correctly their is a type called Lodotra which is a slow release and it is available in some European Countries, but not in the UK.

You can also get hard copies of two plans, free of charge, by emailing pmrgcafighersne@gmail.com one by PMRpro and the other by another patient. Subject heading 'Reduction Plans'.



I set up my own plan on excel and emailed if anyone was interested. However, don’t put your email address on open forum, use the private message system.


I just saw some inf on it in a web app.

Would be good to be able to write an app for phones, then the phone can keep track of things.

So far in the 42 day tapper, I have it so that it works out the beginning of each tapper and allows for a break if you need one. It, currently needs a sheet for each tapper, but I'm sure I can work it so that it only uses one sheet ans shows a single tapper as well as highlight the current date.

Your taper is over a shorter period, not sure how I'll respond to any tapper as I haven't done one yet. Would be nice to have a 28 day one, but going to 5 and below I get the feeling that longer will be better.


Yes that is mine, but it’s been adapted by the lady responsible for the putting the various tapers together in one place.

My excel s/s automatically updates if you enter old dose and new dose in first two days of plan. I didn’t get into the dates though, just printed it off when I was ready to start new taper.

If you want a copy to adapt/amend/play with just send me your email address in a private message.


There is an app - look at the top of the column on the right of the page under Pinned Posts


Yes, I've seen that. It's a web app.

I was thinking of an Android app that runs on a phone.

Not something I can do.

I have a spreadsheet using your taper that given a start date can show you the taper along with dates all the way down. It also allows breaks if they are needed.

It also calculates how many 5mg and 1mg tablets that are required for each cycle.

If you would like a copy, send me a PM and I'll email it over.

I'm going to use it from now as i'm a week away from trying 5mg, so I think a good time to start. I can also take a printout of the taper to the doctor when I see him next.


Oh right - I didn't pay that much notice as it is something I'd never use. Far prefer pencil (so it can be rubbed out) and paper ;-) Though originally I'd though it was being aimed at people with phones - who wants to boot a computer just to see what dose you need today?????

Um, don't need help with a spreadsheet. Been doing this a long, long time and it's "my" reduction...


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