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Pred taper

Hi all

I regularly follow the posts and find all the information on here so helpful.

I was diagnosed in April and i started on 30mg then down to 20mg then 15mg then down to 10mg but have had a battle getting to 9.5mg I've tried alternative days but my legs ache and some times feel like lead. I've had a few stressful months as my mother who's 85 as been hospitalised twice for 4 weeks at a time over the last 3 month's with pneumonia. I think I need to try a different plan for my predicted reduction can anyone point me in the direction of the reduction method at 0.5 over 5 weeks.


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Hi Michelle,

If you look at the "Pinned Posts" in the column on the right, you will find the "Steroid Taper Web Application". That will give you the link to several different tapering plans.

Sorry to hear of your recent worries with your mother - remember the effects of stress on PMR and factor this into your reduction. You've already come down very quickly, so it might even be worth staying where you are, for the time being.

I'm no expert, but it might be worth discussing this with your GP/ rheumatologist, although it seems some are not as helpful as they could be.

Good luck and I hope you feel better, soon.

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Is this the one you mean - in the old-fashioned use-a-pen-and-calendar-version ;-)

To be at 10mg since April is not bad going and you are obviously getting close to your goal of the lowest dose that manages the symptoms as well as the starting dose. Stress and PMR make bad bedfellows - and that makes reducing all the more difficult anyway. If it were me I'd stick at 10mg for another month before even trying more reducing.

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Or this one -

1st week - Sun & Thurs new dose -Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat old dose

2nd week - Sun, Tues & Thurs new dose -Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat old dose

3rd week - Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs new dose -Mon, Fri, Sat old dose

4th week - Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs & Sat new dose -Mon, Fri old dose

5th week - every day new dose

Note: I found usually once I’d completed Week 5, I was able to go straight into a new reduction. Occasionally I did stay on extra week - depended on circumstances.

But you are probably finding it difficult because you’ve got to your level of Pred for the moment. Worrying about your mother won’t help either.

Your plan is just that, a plan. It needs to be amended sometimes, so don’t rush into your next reduction.

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Hi Michelle,

If my experience is anything to go by, then I think patience will probably have to be your key.

Like you I started at 30 mg in December 2014, and now down to 5mg. I got down to 10 mg quite quickly, but then hit a bump trying to get down from there. Eventually I got to 9mg five months later! Tried dead slow nearly stop method, but the PMR had other thoughts. I was up and down from 9 to 9 and a half, then back to 10 on more than one occasion.

PMRpro's advice looks good to me, but it may take a bit of time with all the stress you have.

Anyway, good luck


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Thank you all

I was a little worried due back to see rheumi in 2 weeks and thought maybe I should of at least got down by 0.5mg.

It was her that suggested 5 week plan.

I couldn't remember what she said so I was trying alternative days.

Thank you all again


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