Sulfur and salt

Hello fellow travellers on the way to recovery. I want to share my Discovery of the 'thermen' a swimming pool with water from a source deep in the earth Did Some swimming before in warm water, but this is the best, just over the border to Germany there is Bad Bentheim and in the middle of a forest you find this earthly Paradise. After a short while in the salty lukewarm water, it feels like the pmr has vanished and arms and legs move freely ( but in moderation.)and the effect lasts for the rest of the day. Worth a try! But perhaps you already do this all the time🏊🏻‍♀️🏰🛀

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  • Probably not - spa treatment isn't perceived as being so valuable in the UK! Germany, as you know, is very "in" to that and you even get it paid for on health insurance. Don't know of any such spas in northern Italy.

  • Didnt the romans built Thermen B. C.?

  • There are spas - but they aren't used as much as the ones in Germany.

  • Sounds heavenly!

  • Sounds wonderful! There aren't any natural spas around me, but I have just had a thought - would a jacuzzi be of any help? Pmr could be the justification for something I've always wanted to install in the garden!

  • I used the steam room and sauna at the gym in the 5-years-PMR no pred and they really helped. I did use the whirl pool at times but didn't really like it. As a public one it had an awful lot of chlorine in it! If you have one you need to be really scrupulous about cleaning - all sort of things will grow in the jets!

    Why not find a local pool that has one and try it out before spending all that money?

  • Spoil sport! But, really, a good idea and I think I will. I'm not a big fan of chlorine either, and I suspect that a very vigorous whirlpool could be a bit too much.

    I've always loved saunas but have been put off trying since I've been struggling with the hot flushes of pred. As these have eased a fair bit, perhaps it will be ok.

  • It sounds like an excellent idea please notice that the stream should not be too strong.You don' t want to brace ( is this the right word I mean to use your muscles much against the water) but just relax and feeling sleepy. The water had a nice temperature 32 degree. Not sure how important the sulfur and salt were but it did contributie to the feeling. My sister had a well and a waterpump, a thought? Yes be Good for yourself and take care , as a compensation for suffering pmr and or Gca , love, Aletta

  • Thanks Aletta - I'm sure the more natural spa is much more beneficial, and I know I always feel soothed and relaxed when I've had a warm bath with salt crystals.

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