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Hi I have recently posted the trouble I am having with PMR . I am in a lot of pain at the moment and have increased by preds which hasn't made any difference . I am thinking of paying private now to see if I can get any answers for my pain . Just wanted to know if anyone has done this to get a second opinion or do you think I will just be wasting my money .Thanks x

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It's perfectly acceptable to want a second opinion if you're not happy with the original one. Unfortunately you won't know whether it's a waste of money until you've done it.

But I suppose you will have put your own mind at rest, which maybe is worth the expense.

At the end of the day, it's your choice!


A private rheumy may not be any better or worse than the NHS one - they are all NHS doctors, just some do private work as well. It all depends on you getting a good one - and that depends on where you live to some extent and how far you are prepared to go to see someone. If you say where you live then someone may be able to recommend a particularly good or empathetic rheumy.

It is possible your rheumy already thinks this isn't PMR since you say he wants you to try methotrexate. Have you given him a chance to explain his thinking? And maybe you have had a flare and really need a much higher dose and start over again. PMR is like that - it doesn't obey normal rules of you being ill and then steadily getting better.


Kathleen. I went to see a private Rheumie last week for a 2nd opinion. Best thing I have done. Recommended to me on this site. She knew her stuff and listened to what I had to say without a computer so face to face not face to computer! Went through my problems with tapering. I have pmr/gca so on 30mg again following 2 flares this year. Was on 40mg on leaving hosp Nov 16 said with my symptoms should have been on 60mg and my tapering schedule was far too quick. Cost me £220 but well worth it. Went Last Thurs and got full report yesterday. Good luck on your journey.

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