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dilema continues

well for those who have followed my story, having what was diagnosed by gp as pmr, then rheumy not deciding was pmr til few months following that, i reduced to 10 mg june 8, at first thinking was ok, but then having more stress etc with son diagnosed with multiple myeloma, but here,s the thing, when this all started, both shoulders seized couldn,t raise arms, prior to that, and being diagnosed put on 40 mg pred, right shoulder was the worst, then both shoulders, butt, hamstrings etc, now, strangely, on this 10 mg, right shoulder seems good, but left shoulder stiff, hurts for few hrs each day in morning, take my pred in am bout 7:30, sometimes left shoulder continues to be stiff and hurt for good part of day, then subsides somewhat, comes back in evening, seems like pattern start all over, because i am going through a lot of stress right now, rheumy wants me to continue on 10 mg for another 3 mos, and take tylenol for pain, which of course doesn,t help, just find it strange, that now right shoulder ok, and left shoulder problem, of course have other issues, with back, arthrits etc, so right hip and groin hurting on and off, started physio again, had 2 appts, trying to do some exercise, early i know, but kind of discouraging, rheumy didn,t want to increase my dosage of 10 mg, and said if i started to feel better, have bloodwork done, and make appt to see her, for possible reduction, anybody else had this type of pattern, through your journey of having this pmr, have never really had significant inflammation markers show up, such a mystery, makes you wonder, is diagnosis pmr, although of course with the start of 40 mg of pred last oct, as my rheumy originally said, that would relieve pain from anything ,,

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You might like to try Bowen Therapy................just put Tom Bowen into your search engine and read up on it.

A qualified practioner will know and so will you, that after three one hour sessions for three consecutive weeks, whether it works for you. So many of us have tried it and found it helpful.

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