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Anyone have trouble breathing? Had a cold in April went to Er (was at 12 1/2 mg of pred) because of breathing was put on 50 mg for four days then cut by 5 mg til back to 12 1/2. Was put on 3 puffers didn't seem to help much. Still run out of breath doing physical stuff didn't have any problems with breathing before getting a cold .saw something about breathing on here a long time ago does anyone know anything.

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Breathlessness can be a side effect of pred - but you'd expect it to be worse at higher doses rather than lower ones.


But they still keep telling me it not the pred that leaves me oxygen hungry!!


There is a Dutch research paper



Thanks for this. Copy to gp next time I go.


Yes I had breathlessness had it checked out and it turned out I had a blocked artery so they are now contemplating a stent. Didn't expect that so presume I had angina all the time and nothing to do with poly.



Has anyone listened to your chest recently? If not, it might be an idea. What were they treating with 50mg and puffers? Pre existing asthma exacerbation or new asthma? Did you need antibiotics?



I get breathless on 10 or over normally when exerting myself walking up slight incline or doing small physical task.

Have had loads of test done which all turned out ok so they say its a side effect of preds .

But you do need to have it checked out to be on safe side



I think extra weight and where it is has made big difference. I often wonder of pred fat rests on diaphragm and therefore stops full breaths and hence breathlessness.like I say just a thought.


What happens then can you come straight off them. I have been pred free for nearly a year but got my stiff legs (probably the thought of cold weather you all warned me about in Newcastle where I am about to move to !!). I texted my rheumi who said go on 15 mg a day tell your doctor I have advised it, not what I wanted to hear in the meantime my heart specialist said oh dear no you mustn't take those your blood pressure is perfect but the steroids will throw it . I feel like that Harr y Hill character when he shouts 'fight'. So I think I will take 10 a day until I see rheumi next week prior to going on holiday. My girl friend and I are going on a river cruise I can see myself clambering up side of boat clinging onto hand rail with stiff legs oh dear I was such an athletic person in the old days whatever happens to the human body but I am sure there are many of you worse off than myself can still have a good laugh or perhaps as Dorset Lady suggests it is the prosecco!! I will let you know if I fall in the river I wonder if I can swim with stiff legs.


So I think I'd be explaining the facts of life to my cardiologist! Managing a bit of extra BP is a piece of cake compared with PMR.

I am so lucky - our doctors accept that you are keeping a balance of more than one illness and would never come out with a comment like that!


I spent four days in the hospital in May because of breathing problems. Interestingly enough I had trouble catching my breath with the slightest bit of exertion yet my oxygen level remained within the acceptable range. They suspected a pulmonary embolism but a CAT scan ruled that out. So they just kept me in the hospital for 4 days under observation. At the time they did discover a couple of other things that were wrong with me that needed to be treated but none of those related to my breathing. They did raise my prednisone level up to 50 mg for 3 days then 30 mg for 3 days and then by that time I was home and my rheumatologist told me to go to 15 mg. I don't know if any of this helped the situation but I do know I am better now.


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