My distraction for today

My distraction for today

When I had two good hips, could walk and a brain I worked with young people who were homeless. I have adapted now to suit my abilities. I am creating new homes for wild life. This activity doesn't affect most of my poorlies but I don't have a creative side. Somewhat of a dilemma for an art project. I am just wondering how many to stick on the walls of our house??

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  • What a delightful and productive way to use your time! The bird house is lovely, and inspiring.

    You could sell them on ETSY.

  • How lovely

    I can imagine a little deck chair painted on as well

    have you tried bug houses as well.

    Agree with SheffieldJane look into selling them .

    Craft fairs

  • My naive style wouldn't appeal for a market place. Doing a Jackson Pollock next. Just flinging paint at it randomly in an abstract design. No effort required.

  • I think your totally wrong style very in at present

  • I agree with Rose - worth a try ...

  • I think you are creative to even start with blank slate and make something with form and function!

  • Have a look on ETSY and you'll see a lot of 'naive' stuff.

    It's good to be creative. I do my rug-making and give the majority away to family and friends - only IF they want one.

    I'm thinking bird boxes for Christmas presents or the Ilkley meet-up folk as potential customers?!

  • Good idea. I am giving them to my Grandkids for Christmas. They have absolutely everything else. I might look for resources this week. I only did these because they were £3.

  • Great thing you are doing it doesn't matter what the outside looks like birds just need a solid home to make babies in.......I have many including ones my grandson makes (very crude painting) lol and his has the biggest nest!

    enjoy and please do try to sell them any bird lover will appreciate!!!!

  • How cute and good for you🐦

  • Working with the poor touches my soul. Your heart must be filled with compassion. Glad you transferred that spirit to the birds with a whimsical, creatvive project.

    I started a charity 15 years ago that helps underprivileged teenage girls and their families. We have distributed 15 thousand prom gowns (shoes, handbags and jewelry) and over $40,000 in scholarships to kids who did community service with us. The week before my diagnosis I wrote checks to nine students. It's a real feel good project.

    My business is a financial advisor to urban school employees. Feeling so vulnerable and not at the top of my game today makes me think work is not a possiblity. Answering client phone calls is exhausting. Having always been the energizer bunny, PMR takes a lot of adjustment. G-d works in mysterious ways. I knew I would know when "retirement" was near. However, I need a structured day and I don't have too many hobbies and interests. The gym was my go to place. I live in NJ and NY (studio apartment) so I will go to museums, concerts, plays. My attention span is that of a two year old so we'll see. I usually get a bad case of the "gotta goes" and scoot out.

    Thanks for letting me rant!!!! Continue making people smile.

  • Hi Sandy

    It's rewarding to have a fulfilling livelihood but hard to let go no matter how it affects your own health. I was always doing something and being idle was difficult to adjust to. I would never have engaged in a forum like this previously but it does fill my days with interesting thoughts. Once I am fitter I will be back to the gym, swimming and take a few short classes on creative activities. A colleague did a session with some young people about "Who said you can't Draw? Everyone related to a time at school when teachers focused on those who could draw naturally. He then went on to show everyone a 6 week course on how to draw where students started with a matchstick person and eventually could do a very good likeness of their chosen photo. So that inspired me to try anything once now I have the time. I couldn't do any of my jobs without being shown, taught or mentored. I loved boring the young people I worked with telling them that. Just had to get something that they found really interesting to keep the attention span and commitment to complete. I always ask what do you do that let's you get lost in time. Mines reading or meditation. Ask yourself what is your passion.

  • Thanks for giving me ideas to ponder on vacation. Stay in touch. Feel good.

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