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Insulted or amazed! A pacing story


Hello all,

My family is leaving to travel to the New Jersey shoreline from California for a family reunion tomorrow. My daughter who has three kids from 6 to 2 years old asked if she could send her hubby over with the kids to swim for the afternoon so she could pack up as their flight leaves at 6:30 am. So I had originally paced myself to have a quiet afternoon with some light cleaning and finishing my packing. I can never seem to say no to my grandkids so of course it was swim day at "mum-mum's."

Housekeeping is one of the items that have been on my low priority list in regards to pacing. Especially deep cleaning, such as scrubbing floors, showers, walls, etc. So my house isn't perfect as I like it or how everyone is used to it. Now the kids use what we call the front bathroom, which has all their suits and baby toilets.

The 4 year old boy, Jacob, had to do his business and went running into the house stripping his swim trunks off. He came and found me as he wanted me to go with him. As I followed him he went into "mum-mum's" bathroom instead of the front bathroom. I asked him why he went to "mum-mum's" bathroom and he told me it was because I just cleaned it and did a really good job. He spent the next five minutes doing his business and talking about what a really good job I did cleaning the bathroom and how he it shined.

So the other bathroom really isn't that messy. I've cleaned the toilet. So mixed feelings. It's not that bad, yet for a 4 year to go on about what a good job his grandmother did cleaning the bathroom amazed me. Most men would not have noticed. It was really too funny. He is such a sweetheart.

By the way, cleaning that bathroom was on my list today and probably won't be finished as I still have to pack and the kids wore me out. His older brother and younger sister had to follow of course and used my bathroom instead of the front bathroom.

My husband thought I should of said no to swimming and stuck to my schedule. Yet I have a great memory to share with Jacob about how thoughtful and sweet he was at 4 years old. We had pizza and ice cream and they fell asleep on their way home so their mom could finish packing. Me, more to clean up and then packing. I took a nap first. Grateful for the memory.

Quote of the day, "really mum-mum you did a good job cleaning the bathroom."


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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer


Kids do say the greatest things sometimes don't they? And although it's lovely to see them, to be honest I agree with your husband, you had things to do as well! Perhaps your daughter doesn't really understand that you can't do all the things you used to especially if you have busy days ahead.

Hope you enjoy your family reunion, but don't overdo it.

Hi DL....I so agree with your comments for TJ ! I have been there many times myself. Now with having PMR (older age too) it can be a very difficult decision to make at times. We can pay dearly when choosing to do too much .


That's lovely and these experiences boost our health as much as anything I feel. Cleaning is usually such a thankless job. He's a little diplomat with his mum-mum wrapped round his fingers. They love re- ordering the universe. I gave Theo a small bowl of custard the other day, he was so pleased he said he would like to stay with me for 2 weeks! ( I think he is having a stand off with daddy about eating his vegetables or having no pudding.)

I now use Clorox toilet tabs. Wonderful😉

Wonderful story

I know how you feel, although your life is very different from mine.

I just said goodbye yesterday to my son, his American wife and my two grandsons. First time ever that the boys have visited and they're 9 and 11 - I always went to Chicago two or even three times a year until GCA hit me six years ago. My son has been setting up his own business and could not afford to bring the family over. In spite of reassurances from them I so wanted wanted my flat to look the same as my houses have over the years but in spite of the help from my lovely younger son it was not up to my normal standards. However, I finally embraced and accepted that they were coming to see me, I booked them in to a hotel in town and played it by ear.

The boys were just sweethearts and I'm missing them all so much today. I've missed so much of their transition from babies to pre-teens because of this damned illness. The younger one said a few days ago 'I want Granny to come to our house'. So does Granny!

Tj2017 in reply to mega

Thanks for sharing your story. Grandkids are special and it's tough not being the person you imagined yourself to be when you are with them.

Pace and plan. I hope you can visit them soon.



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