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Hydroxychloroquin has helped to reduce Steroids

Hydroxychloroquin or HCQ has worked very well as an alternative to Methrotroxate for me. It is not as toxic and has no real side effects. I was struggling to reduce from 60mg. I couldn't get below 20 without a flare up. It does take about 3 to 4 weeks to fully get into the system but I have now been steadily reducing for 8 months and got down to 8mg. My only issues since taking HCQ have been bruising and muscle ache. I have found the prescription Voltarol relieves muscle pain and double base cream keeps the bruising on my arms down. I hope this post will be of help to those with similar problems.Many rheumatologists don't always suggest this alternative.

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That is good news. Thanks for the information. Also on the Voltarol. Here's hoping your progress continues.


I personally have never heard of this drug but so pleased it is working for you. Thank you for sharing info. X


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