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So disappointing for you Ronswife, I have been doing as you have and after a year I am down to 6.5 now. Was thinking of dropping to 6 next week after being on 6.5 for 2 weeks. I am revising this after your post today and think I will stay on this longer. Thank you for posting as you have made me think , like you I have been trying to ignore my illness and carry on as near to normal as I can. I have been extremely tired lately so maybe this is an indication that I shouldn't go down yet for a while.

I hope you can soon get back to your level you had reached very soon and feel better.

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Hi Riversnan,

Good idea to stick at 6.5mg for a little longer. I stayed at each dose for a month all the way through, and it served me well.

You are at a difficult time at present, adrenal glands etc, so give your body all the help it needs. As we always say it's not a race, so don't rock the boat.

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Below 7mg is always tricky - slowly does it! Not just the PMR, your body has to catch up too.


Thank you PMPro and Dorset lady for your posts, also Rons wife for making me aware there could be a problem as I was going down so fast now.


Send an email to

Subject heading 'Reduction Plans' devised by patients for patients.

They will be sent to you free of charge.

If you look at this website early in July and click onto Newsletters, there will be an article in the latest Newsletter 'You are Not Alone' about reduction plans and a research project which you can join in if you so desire.


Thank you Sambucca I will look at that.


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