Update on Gillymar

After an appointment with the Spinal specialist yesterday and one with the 'care of the elderly consultant ' the previous day, I am now to undergo a course of self applied injections for my 'advanced' osteoporosis. These will cause nausea and dizziness for about half an hour and should be done in the early morning. However if they prove too nasty I am to do them at bedtime and retire ! Someone is coming to instruct me on how to do this ! The spine fracture is not as painful as before which is hopeful. Just a dull aching all the time which is annoying. Has anyone else had experiences similar to me ? Should be most grateful to hear from you.

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  • Is this Forsteo?

  • What is Forster?

  • Forsteo is a drug used to increase bone production - it is an artificial version of parathyroid hormone. It is the only drug that actually encourages formation of new bone.


  • I don't know the name of the stuff to be injected. With your agreement I will report when I know and will update on the injections when they start. Not looking forward to the process but if it prevents further fractures which are a distinct possibility if nothing is done, any discomfort will be worth it.

  • I had to learn to give myself injections for another reason once and although I no longer have to do it I'm glad to have that skill in case I ever need it again. The first jab is the hardest. After that you'll see how easy it really is.

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