Can I hope for abdominal measurement reduction with Pred reduction?

It has been almost 5 years for me since my diagnosis and receipt of Prednisone. I have had some adrenal gland problems and some flares. I am very lucky. I have my optic nerves. That said, I have had major eye issues. But now I see well. I have learned from you. You have my heartfelt thanks. You have saved my optic nerves and only God knows what else. I could not have dealt with GCA and some intermittent PMR without your help. New news: Lo and behold for about the last 2 weeks I have had no pain. None. This is a first in 5 years! I know that I have to continue to be vigilant. I am almost finished with a reduction from 7.25 to 7.0. (I know. Glacial.) It followed a reduction from 7.5 to 7.25, (all on the ?DNS method.) 15 months ago I was at 8.25. I have learned from you how to eat and rest. But it seems that recently I have lost maybe 1.75 inches in my abdominal area. Can it be? Will it continue? I do exercise, eat very few carbs or high glycemic foods, take care of myself and in general--try. But my abdomen is bigger than my general size. (So is my upper back.) Does it reduce disproportionately to the rest of me as I taper the Pred.? My preliminary analysis says yes. Can I hope?

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  • Gosh I hope so and thereby giving the rest of us some shining hope! Long may your recovery continue. Well done!

  • Wow. What a nice reply from you and Jackoh. I am blessed to have this cite. Still no pain. Just came back from the tailor to pick up altered (taken in) pants.

  • You obviously have been sensible and have tried your best to cooperate and flow with this condition. Do hope your progress continues and the abdomen area reduces. I 'm certainly no expert but I think we are all so different and what happens for one doesn't necessarily follow a pattern for others but all the very best for the continuation of your journey x

  • Wow. What a nice reply from you and Sheffield.Jane. I am blessed to have this cite. Still no pain. Just came back from the tailor to pick up altered (taken in) pants.

  • When I was switched from one steroid where I had become extremely Cushingoid and cut carbs drastically the first place weight went was around my waist. then my face and the back of my neck. And that for me then was at 15mg. They are the areas where steroids encourage the fat deposition. I have got my waist back - which is a relief!

    So yes - I think you can hope! Good luck.

  • Short answer yes. But, you can also lose by going on the right diet.

    Low carb, high full fat! (Yes) full fat yoghurt, minimum 2 litres fluids, no sugar! Count calories try to keep under 1000 a day.

    I lost 2 stone or from 94 to 81kgs mid-pred! 0n 15 a day then, now 11.

    I also have low thyroid but had no problem shedding the unwanted fat.

  • Well done on weight loss, but I don't think your conversion is quite right - 2 stone equal 12.7 kg! 🤔

  • Lol! I miss-wrote my thoughts. I weigh 81kgs now doh! 🤣🇬🇧😵

    I blame pred for memory lapse' 🙄

  • Yes I thought that what you meant! Otherwise you would have disappeared 😉

  • Um - 94 down to 81kgs is 13kgs...

  • So sue me for rounding the figure! 13 kg, 12.7kg . I lost 2 stone on pred and with hypothyroid, that's the important thing . Am waiting for blood to see if diabetes is in remission. Ooh dear I wonder if laziness in writing a .3 kg difference will alter the results!

  • That wasn't what I meant - it was the comment " I don't think your conversion is quite right - 2 stone equal 12.7 kg!" I didn't agree with when you had gone from 94 to 81, which when I was in school was 13...

  • Thanks! I have been on the diet. Not even full fat, no sugar yoghurt any more. Sauerkraut to help with probiotics. Yuck. Maybe the food is so bad that I'm just eating less of it. But the weight had not been accompanied by the disproportionate abdominal shrinkage until now that I am at 7.00 mg. Let's hope that I'm on a roll.

  • Saw a programme last night which tested various foods for probiotics. Sauerkraut had zero! So good news you can stop eating the Vile stuff. Natural full fat yoghurt is plenty! 😃😂🇬🇧

    I ❤️ Being the bearer of good news! 😜🌺

  • Fingers crossed. 💐🌸 xx.

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