Morning moaning Millie again

I'm so pleased with this site it has helped me a lot I don't feel like I'm on own anymore so I thought I would ask this question Do you think 20mg is not to high to ask for when a flare up accurs

I have been taking it for two mornings now and it definitely helps me get out of bed without crying and getting frightened I still have pain but it does ease of after about an hour of taking them it doesn't go completely but I can put up with that

Would appreciate yor views if need be will explain later what is going on

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  • Hi Rusty,

    Depends what you were on when you flared. One recommendation is the level you were last okay at plus 5mg for good measure.

    But whatever level you go to, you need to give it a few days to take effect. And maybe you won't get 100% relief- not everybody does, just a good improvement.

  • Thanks I have gone in a couple of days from crying in the morning to singing to get me through the pain I can't sing mind you but it helps just to make a noise so things are getting better I have been struggling since last Nov with a flare up and haven't done anything about it as a certain doc said it was the spinal stenosis that I have but I gave in about 3weeks ago as I don't like to say it but I do know the different feeling between I believe to be the pmr then the back problem lucky eneough I have a doc that is on my wave length that has been helping

    Will keep you informed lol you probably will say go away 😂😂😂

  • I'm quite new to all this but have found taking Pred before bed the best way forward for me. I wake up pain free and reasonably comfortable for the rest of the day. I am on 17.5mgs due to reduce to 15mg next week. Hopefully everything will stay comfortable!!

  • Hello Dorsetlady I'm in my fourth day of increasing steroids and fingers crossed things have been going ok

    Pain not completely gone but I can cope with it and at least I can now tell spinal stenosis pain from pmr pain

    You never know things might improve a bit more but I can cope I don't really want to increase steroids if I can help it I will be talking to doc on Tuesday evening but thanks to this forum I feel a lot better than I have for at least 8months

  • Good. Hopefully things will stay like that until you see doctor.

  • Hi Rusty,

    Sorry to hear about your being in pain. I wish medical staff were trained to listen to the patient because only you know how you feel and what you can stand. I had a flare up when I was on 3mg and although throughout the 14 weeks I waited to be diagnosed, I managed to hide exactly how I felt from my family, when I had the flare up I cried like I'd never stop. I went up to 5mg that morning and it did take the edge off the pain but didn't feel quite enough so after a couple of days I increased to 6mg. I found the balance of being able to move and very little pain on the least I could take.

    Like you I had a good old sing and found it lifted my spirits a little. Despite all I couldn't do I could at least raise the roof! I think anything you can find that you can still do will help with the emotional side of things. This is a wonderful site and the people are so knowledgeable so you're never alone (only been signed up for less than a week) and that too helps.

    Take care and I hope you find the right level for you, can stabilise and get rid of that pain

  • Singing is miraculous! Not a cure but the physical attributes of spending an evening singing with my chorus certainly help me with the emotional side of pmr.

  • Are you taking a delayed release before bed or the regular immediate release Pred? I take the delayed. It starts working in time for the cytokine release. Last most of the day for me too. Just a bit of shoulder ache around bedtime.

  • Yes I take the delayed release one.

  • Try taking the Pred at night before bed. I did and found I woke up pain free. I do stiffen up in the evening after sitting in front of TV for a while but it soon goes off if I walk around for a bit. Worth a try.

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