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Not written for quite a while but read every day and appreciate all comments, thanks to all who contribute. Diagnosed Jan 2015 managed to get to 5 mgms prednisolone by dosas method ( had couple of flares during the course) then 2weeks go had really bad shoulder pain, think I had overdone it the last month as daughter who works abroad and only home every 18 months has been home. Saw Dr ( not my usual, on holiday) and she put me up to 15mgms for 4days then said to go back to 5! Had blood test, could not go to 5mgms so have taken 10 mgms for last 3 days, pain better but still there. Saw her again this am, esr only up slightly from last time19. She still wants me to come down to 6 ( when I felt good) asp. Really don't know where to go from here, any advice please

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How you feel symptom wise seems to be a better indicator than the blood tests. It sounds as if a really gradual reduction is called for when your pain has settled. I'd be inclined to rest a bit at Magic 10 mgs.

If you only see your daughter every 18 months every part of your organism will have been involved, and it's stress, even if everything was perfect. Take it from someone else with an absent daughter.



If your ESR is up from last time, albeit only slightly, then you don't reduce. Think you need to stay on 10mg until things settle down, and then reduce sensibly - as you have done in the past - successfully until just recently!

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Nothing until the pain is settled - whatever she says. It isn't her pain!


Thank you for your advice, that was my gut feeling but needed confirmation.we all really appreciate your imput into our conditions


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