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~Progress update on low dose Naltexone~

I wrote several months ago on a fairly controversial topic regarding starting the use of Low Dose Naltrexone (orally 0.5mg) which in a short time made me feel nauseous even on such a low dose. Pharmaceutical Compounding made me a paraben free cream & I apply to areas of inflammation or where it hurts the most - mainly ongoing tendon/ligament issues plus other pain in upper feet, heels & elbows which I suspect from side effects of my steroids.

This was Feb 21st & have slowly built my tolerance starting at 1gm for 2 to 3 weeks & so forth to the 3gms now on & tolerating well.

Thus far I wish to report to my PMR/arthritic friends that it certainly is doing something for me.

As my PMR slowly wanes (hopefully) noticeably osteoarthritis in hands & feet far more evident .

I am now on 15mgs (daily) Hydrocortisone which is equivalent to 3.75mg Pred & have remained stable for past 8 days on this low dose. Will remain here for a time now as winter may be peeping in Auckland tonight at 10 degrees - brrrrrrrrrr and I can succumb to respiratory issues come change of seasons .

We have had a wonderfully warm autumn albeit a trifle wet.

Blessings one & all in the hope this finds you bright & as well as can be :)

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Such good news that you are doing so well on this, I'm jealous as its not on offer here (UK). It sounds like a better option than the steroids so thank you for the update and hope your progress continues.


Hi Whisper - good to hear from you and sorry this is not available in UK. Have u managed to get hold of the book I mentioned in my original thread?

Doesn't work for everyone and research still going on - I still take my steroids but have been comfortably able to drop tiny amount/s and remaining stable at present low dose.

Even in the face of stress (my husband being diagnosed last week with a cancerous tumor ) I am coping well and may increase dose slightly next week when he has invasive head surgery just to make sure I can cope OK.

Blessings once more


Sorry to hear that Megams - all the best xxxxxx


~Appreciate your kind thoughts PMRpro~


My thoughts will be with you both for positive outcome. xxx


~Bless you Whisper - invasive surgery tomorrow so I'm slightly anxious presently - sure all will be well, hubbie has wonderful positive attitude ~


Hi Whisper LDN is available in UK but you need to pay for it privately. I think you can get it on the NHS if your doctor thinks you are a special case, but probably difficult.


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