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Good day

Since I am only a month and half into this , I dont have much wisdom to share.

But I will say the advice about low carb,( i strive for none with exception of whats in yogurt, for the calcium) no added salt, and no sugar or fruit along with drinking buckets of water.has been such a help.

First it gives me a different focus,and sense of control, in a situation where it can feel like you have none

Also I have no hunger, cravings, and have consistently lost fact more than I could before the pred, on this same diet over the years. I was always a salt addict though so I am thinking that has made a real difference. And never drank this much water.

Although some fat redistribution will prob still come, weaning is going well, at 20 as of today from 60 start, so only time will tell.

And I have the brain lapses, difficulty focus thoughts, and for some reason today ,a case of the blues. Still hit with fatique, but for the most part the agitated energy is resolving as I lower. and I am sleeping. And drenching swears are less frequent.

I think diet is playing a huge role, and honestly I look at the salty foods, pizza, pasta,

all my past favorites, now and I could care less.

So to newer newbies than I , please try it.

This advice I had read along with so much more on this site , I believe was priceless.

My internist, called me yesterday, to see how things are going, with everything and talked about my rheumi s plan. When I told him about my weight loss of 10 lbs he was truly amazed with the dosage I was on, and said he was going to start suggesting that way of eating to ored patients

So the wisdom carries forward.

wishing all a good day


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I remember thinking that the only good thing about PMR was the weight dropping off pre- diagnosis. Of course everyone was quietly thinking "cancer".

So yours is an inspiring story, you are doing so, so well. The lack of control is a hard part of this disease, by taking control of your diet you become empowered.

Sorry you are having a blue day. Remember these awful sinking feelings aren't you, just the disease and the steroids. Do you ever get ridiculously happy feelings too. I do, usually when playing with my grandson or looking at the cherry blossom, listening to the blackbirds in my garden.

Banish the miserable thoughts, you're going to beat this thing, we all are.


Thank you for support and encouragement

Yes mostly pretty even in moods, but today woke up weepy and fatqued . But So right, need to remember its not me, its the situation.

Maybe decrease , but overthinking is something i am trying to step away from as well, because just when you think you have it figured out... Though thats life in general isnt it..?..

Thank you again


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