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Shingle type rash

Always something😱

I noticed last night a blister on my abdomen that burned when touched.

Since I had shingles in the past, i was worried, by morning three more, went to clinic, by time seen , more , but now on both sides which is atypical of shingles so I felt better about that.

I was told it was the same type virus, They consulted with rheumi

and I started anti- viral.

Some of the side effects are same as PMR symptoms so will have to try to figure that out as I lower dose from 40 to 30 Thursday. Due to all this my rheum wants to see me Friday . I am glad I caught early although does not have same problems as shingles it can spread.

Another day in pmr/ gca / pred. land.... On the bright side by seeing my doc next week we will be able to go over biopsy results. in person

Anyone else experience getting shingles or same type of virus while on Prednisone?

Be well


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Just a thought - might be wise not to reduce until after you've seen the Rheumy - only a day or two difference.

Do hope you feel better soon.


I will wait, thanks


If you are unwell - don't reduce, wait a week until you are better.



I have had shingles type attacks for 18 years -- in two places on my body-- same side. I am now on permanent anti-virals-- Valociclovir-- one a day -- because that on top of the PMR was a tad too much to deal with. Hope you get sorted.


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