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PMR - Some advice & comment please!

Hi Team,

I'm progressing really well, but would appreciate some comment on the following:

I take my Pred. 15mg at lunchtime which works for me. Is there a preference, before you eat, during or after, or doesn't it matter? Just a point, I set my iPhone alarm for 12.05pm each day, which works great and has saved my bacon already!

I'm travelling to the USA in May, New York is 16 hours behind NZ, I would like to maintain taking my Pred, at lunchtime if possible but unsure how to make the transition in flight and through the time zones to make this happen - any advice on this welcomed.

I want to carry an emergency supply of Pred with me but surprise - I don't have a purse!! Can you buy a wrist or, locket type holder that is very small and just holds say 3 - 6 Pred tablets so you have some on you at all times?

What do you do if you miss taking your Pred. for one day?

Does this site have a place where books that may be of interest and value to PMR are listed and can be added to?

Looking forward to your comments.

Regards John

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Hi John, In the early days I began to get a lot of stomach pain ( really knife like) and subsequently learned that Prednisalone was very harsh on the stomach lining, so I always take it after food, some people swear by live natural yoghurt. I also take Omeprazole because my stomach pains became chronic.

I would take emergency Prednisalone in its packet and blister pack with airport security being what it is but there are a lot of tablet holders on the market, so you could put them in after the flight.

I've missed a Pred dose and either taken it when I remember or if it's close to the next dose maybe an extra 5 mgs rather than a double dose. No ill effects.

In Australia I just took my tablets in Australia time, having gradually changed over the journey and stopover. Again no discernible ill effects.

A library of useful literature is a good idea, people on here recommend Kate Gilbert's book on PMR. Available on Amazon.

Good luck! Have a lovely trip, remember to pace yourself.


Hi Jane,

Thanks for your comments. Just found some good pill holders on AliExpress website. Kate is kindly sending me a copy of her book which I am looking forward to reading. In NZ the Pred. is supplied as loose uncoated tablets in a small bottle, no blister pack! Regards John


Hi John,

I always took mine after meal, but don't think there's any hard and fast rules - just with food and whatever is best for you!

See you found some pill holders - good!

As for flights etc. Because time frame, as you say US is going to be about 16 hours behind NZ, and guess flight time about 12 hrs, maybe longer, would suggest you take an extra dose on your outward journey, and then again in US time midday.

Example - if your flight leaves Auckland at 12 noon on Tues take normal dose (destination city time will be 8pm Mon - I always change my watch to reflect that, gets you in the right mind). Then take a dose about 1/2 to 3/4 on way through. You would land early morning, so then take your next tablet 12 noon US time. It means you're taking 3 doses in a shorter period than normal, but that won't do you any harm, in fact might help with the flight - which is always a bit stressful anyway. Plus jet lag seems to worst flying that way.

You might need to slightly adjust according to actual flight times, but you get the gist!

You may not need to take extra dose on return journey, but as I said it won't do any harm.

Remember to take tablets in hand luggage plus copy of your prescription - good for immigration purposes and if you run short. If necessary request assistance at airport, always a lot further to walk than you think - don't be a macho man! And try not to do too much on your first day in US, you will be shattered.

But most of all, enjoy! Is it business or pleasure?

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Thanks DL for all the info, which I will need to get my head around. Will look at my to and from flight times and may come back to you for confirmation. Certainly will be conscious of pacing myself, last thing I want is to go backwards. Cheers John


Yes okay, it's not rocket science really, just needs a bit of thinking about. No problem for a man of your calibre! 🤔🤷‍♂️

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However long the long travelling day is, I take the normal dose at home, add in a proportional extra dose 24 hours later and then continue with the new time zone. Does that make sense?

Coming the short day way I just take the normal dose the day I leave and the same the next day. That one-off bit extra doesn't matter - helps deal with the stress of planes...

I put all my medication in a liquids bag in my hand luggage and dig it out at security. I have a single day dosette box with 24 hour's doses which is in a see-through pack with my mobile phone and passport. Just gets stuck in a tray at security. No-one has complained yet. They are about the right size to pop in a pocket. I also have a sheet of paper with all medications, times and doses along with the phone and passport.


Hi PMRpro,

Yes, that all makes sense to me and helps keep it simple. Do you feel someone, especially travelling, should wear a medic alert bracelet in case of accidents etc?

Thanks again for your valued input. Regards John


Do I feel you should? Yes. Do I wear one? Er - no! Suggested to OH/the daughters they buy me one for xmas - no response!

A bracelet is ideal really - paramedics do look when they start an assessment and a bracelet is easier found than other forms such as pendants.


Thanks PMRpro. John


Hi John, hope you have a good trip. Just to say, I always wear a medic alert bracelet, even when just popping out to the shops or walking the dog. - you can get knocked down just as easily a few metres outside your door as on the other side of the world! I find if I'm not in the routine of wearing my bracelet every day it's easy to forget at the point of going out. There are several different styles available - mine is rubber and steel and has "on steroids" engraved on the inside. Necklaces are also available.

Happy travelling!


Where do you get the medic alert bracelet from?

Excellent idea.


Hello Bonny, if you key in "medical alert" on Amazon you'll find lots of bracelets and necklaces. I spent ages trawling through to find one that I liked, and they're all muddled up in terms of what condition you want to alert people to - some are blank with provision to insert your own info, which means you can also input what dosage you take (though I think that's less helpful with our condition and the frequent changes in dose).

Hope you find something you can use.

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If you google it you will get links to several options. You can get ones that just say "on xyz" or the illness or you can get some where your medical details are held in a central database with a phone number which medical staff can contact for full details of conditions and drugs. They are often international with multilingual staff, which are a good idea if you travel a lot. Some you pay an up-front fee, some you pay an annual fee. There are various arrangements and it is worth looking at several and finding the version that suits your situation best.

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Thanks. Will do.


Thanks, I agree. John


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