Dry cough

This info might be of use to some of us who are experiencing a dry cough. I had been experiencing a wrenching dry cough with episodes 5-6 times a day. I bought a humidifier, had the vents in my car treated for mold, washed pillows, gave up dairy, etc.. Nothing worked. Then one day I did not take my omeprazole tablet......next day no cough, next day no cough,.......two weeks later I had appointment with my rheumatologist and still no cough. I asked him if that was a coincidence, and he said that sometimes omeprazole cures a dry cough and sometimes gives you one . He said that at 4 mg I didn't need it any more. It has been 3 weeks now ...want a relief!

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  • It seems to me sometimes that ALL the meds we are offered/take ALL have individual side effects! After many years I have just discovered that the diuretic tab I take is now causing fluid retention rather than helping it!

  • It is actually in the small print somewhere that giving a patient a single diuretic is risky in the long term as it can stop working. They recommended using 2 concomitantly - which somehow reduces the risk of the problem.

  • I'm just going to add it to the to-do pile!

  • Hmmm - I think I have suggested that as the cause of a dry cough before. When it comes to omeprazole I suspect it causes as much trouble as it is worth! Ranitidine is preferable there - does the same thing, far less annoying side effects. I find it a bit concerning that a doctor seems unable to distinguish between the cough due to reflux and other causes. OK, he IS a rheumy...

  • GinnyMa, that's wonderful. Happy you found a simple solution. However, for others reading this...would like to say....a persistent dry cough is one of the primary signs of GCA. I experienced it for over a year before diagnosis. More frequently than my scalp pain. My GP ignored both.

    Better safe than sorry. Knowledge is power.


  • I also had a dry cough and sore throat/hoarseness. All possible GCA signs. When I think of the symptoms I brought to his notice that were dismissed - I was very very lucky not to have cancer or full blown GCA ...

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