Allergic reaction

Good morning everyone

Surprisingly I didn't die in the chair as predicted by the expert private Practice in Cardiff and the tooth was extracted easily since when I have made a full recovery.

However I have now developed a bright red rash on my face and feel sick so feel very sick. I know it's been a very stressful few weeks which never helps and I have my husbands Presidential Ball on Friday

I was about to reduce the Pred from 10mgms to 9 but through the Forum I know it's not sensible. 3 Years of GCA and its depressing but reading this I have just been doing too much and there is always someone worse. Helpful to have a moan though.

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  • Hi,

    Yes - agree with your last sentence!

    Don't reduce until everything has settled back down - what's a couple of weeks in the great scheme of things.

    Relax as much as you can beforehand, and enjoy yourself on Friday,

  • Thank you DorsetLady you always cheer me up. You and I both share enjoying ourselves and making the best of it.

  • Excellent - I'd be tempted to present myself at the expensive private practice and prove life exists after death by dentist... Done by the crappy old NHS I assume?

    What have you caught? Will you make the Presidential Ball in one piece?

    Feel free to moan away - we'll listen xxxx

  • Yes, brilliantly performed by my NHS dentist who came in even when he has recently diagnosed with a nasty facial cancer. I just need to get my health and strength back and I will make a formal complaint, GP

  • The site has gone funny again Will make a formal complaint for the sake of others

    Not caught anything just a whole lot of stress, cancelled today's work and staying in bed. Thank you

  • Now that sounds like an EXCELLENT idea!

    You can edit you know - click on the right hand box with the downward pointing arrow - Edit/Delete/Report...

  • Thank you I will try that now xx

  • Thank you. It was an upper molar and I was very careful, gentle rinse with warm saline, lots of rest, no alcohol and I don't smoke. I was terrified it would happen as I couldn't face anymore but it's now 10 days so fingers crossed it won't happen

  • problems following a tooth extraction are uncommon even if you are on prednisalone and taking bisphosphonates. A dry socket can occur after any extraction and is more likely to occur in a lower socket. It is always advisable to bathe a socket with a hot salt water mouth bath following extraction and your dentist will have advised you about after care.

    If the socket fails to heal and / or is painful make sure you return to your dentist.

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