Myofascial Pain Syndrome - I have found some help

The constant nagging right sided neck and shoulder pain has been me since May/June last year. It could be Myofascial Pain Syndrome however I wouldn't know how to know. As has been mentioned here, analgesia barely touches it. If I take Co-Codamol equivalent I can get some respite but not for long and I don't like taking codiene.

Yesterday, as I was getting dressed, I thought about taking analgesia and then spotted the magnetic Copper Power Heart I bought a couple of year ago for my daughter in the hope it would help with her period pains. She gave it back to me, as it didn't work for her and I tried it for me in the run up to Carpal Tunnel surgery and before I was diagnosed with PMR. It didn't work.

Within minutes of placing it on my blouse around the area that is painful the pain had gone....yes, really! I am a cynic, so am very surprised and I wore the magnet all day and was pain free all day. I wore it over night and had a pain free night! I am still wearing it and all is well.

There are brief moments when I can feel my posture is starting a twinge but I adjust and the pain free situation continues.

I will link to what I am wearing. I may well be purchasing a couple more products in future but for now this is still on trial for me.

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  • I found in the past that magnet therapy helped me - but only if they were placed directly on to trigger points. I'd get relief at that point, but really all it did was to shift the trigger points along to the next position. It got a bit silly in the end with magnets all over the place, so I stopped it. I have kept them all and who knows, they may come in handy in the future.

  • I tried a magnetic bracelet - only because it was actually very attractive. Can't say I noticed it did anything. No use now, far too big!!!!

  • Your post did make me chuckle polkadot. I have a few of these around that I discarded so I think I might try them again. Just the wrist type. Can't hurt to try.

  • It's still working! I am shocked and happy to be pain free :)

  • Which one did you buy? Was it one of the double hearts? I'm jealous of your pain free status ( but pleased for you too) so I'm thinking if buying one 😊

  • Yes, the Copper Power Heart.

  • Thank you it looks good. I'll let you know if it works 😄👏

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