I am interested in the comments picked up this morning. Some weeks ago I developed pain in my left shoulder. Osteopathetic treatment helped a bit. Then the femur pinning op took over my attention. Now the leg is still painful and aches (but I am trying to move round more for that ) and the dreaded Big D is on the way out and I realise that I have intense pain in BOTH shoulders ! It could be use of the Zimmer and pressure on that with both arms but dressing is hard and when I read today's posts I wonder if I have PMR as well. That is all I need of course!

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  • Hmmm - mind you, using your arms as much as you are at present is going to be painful. Anything else?

  • Do you feel very fatigued? Have you got any bilateral hip/thigh pain? Are you losing weight?

  • I could do with losing weight but have seen no signs of it yet. Thanks for your input.

  • I'm sceptical about the weight loss bit - I gained weight with untreated PMR! Then when I went on pred the weight redistributed itself to the usual pred places but I didn't gain any more...

  • Weight loss is supposed to be a symptom of undiagnosed PMR. I lost quite a lot of weight mainly because I felt so dreadful!

  • Hi Piglette.... I too had a lot of unexplained weight loss with my undiagnoised PMR. I still have a loss of appetite and loose weight easily if am not careful. My Rheumatologist thought my appetite would return eventually when I dropped the dosage of Pred down ( I am at 4 mg now) I did have an adrenal insufficiency episode about a year ago. I lost a lot of weight then and my appetite as well. I have not been the same since. When I was put on a higher dose of Pred after PMR diagnosis, I was ravenous and did get the chubby cheeks though ! Either way, PMR is still very much a part of my life , unfortunately. Thank you all for such good info and for the good "companionship" that you provide on this Forum.


  • Hi Suzanne, when I started on pred I could eat a horse or two even! Over Christmas I lost 5kg for no known reason. My rheumie just wrote it down and shrugged her shoulders. I was weighed on the same hospital scales and I don't think I had gold bars in my pockets the first time!

  • Yes, I know - I was just saying "I wish..."

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