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Hi all,

I would like to know if anyone experienced some sensitivity in the biopsy area after the biopsy. I had a biopsy done on January 26th and wonder if what I feel sometimes is the regrowth of artery tissue, or something else.

I still have, not every day, some kind of pulling sensation in this area. Like something is 'moving'. Sometimes it's close to discomfort, mostly it's without. I couldn't find anything about regrowth or healing times for the artery. I'm on 40 mg Prednision my second week and will taper down again tomorrow.

Does anyone know anything. Thanks again, Monika

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  • The artery is unlikely to regrow - they don't usually join the ends up but just tie them off and they heal up. With any invasive op, nerves in the skin and surrounding area will be at least damaged and some may be cut during making the incision and that can lead to sensitivity and/or numbness. That takes time to resolve and sometimes you are left with some discomfort - everyone is different so it is impossible to say one way or the other. It is only a small scar so it shouldn't be too bad in terms of pain - and it isn't like on a knee for example where kneeling on the scar can be interesting. To say the least!

  • Hi Akino

    I'ts three years since my biopsy and I don't recall any sensations like you describe. I don't think anyone would feel arteries regrowing because they are regrowing all the time and doing it silently and without feeling. You may be experiencing stitches moving within your tissues, have you had your stitches removed? Mine came out seven days after the biopsy and other than a little soreness were fine. I was still on 60mgs Prednisolone at the time dropping to 40 four weeks later.

    I would go and see your doctor if there is such discomfit and do it today.



  • Hi Mr_Elmes,

    They used a stitch technique that didn't require removing. I don't know the technical term. Maybe this is what I feel. They just get absorbed.

    I was just wondering if what I feel is part of the heeling, or GCA showing its ugly face.

    And thank you about the information regarding artery growth. Never thought about it, but everything is rebuild in our body all the time and we don't feel it.

    You have a good day, Monika

  • Hi,

    I had the same sensations as you after my biopsy some 3 1/2 years ago. It passed in time but as far as I can remember lasted about 2 months. I still have a tenderness on the biopsy side especially when I lay on it. Hope this reassures you.

  • Hi ipsydipsy,

    I'm glad to hear that. It does reassure me. Thank you, Monika

  • I still have the sensations you describe and it has been one year since my biopsy. The pulling sensation is slightly less intense but definitely still there. I sometimes wonder if the internal stitches never dissolved.

  • Oh thank you SusanEleven!

    That really helps! Monika

  • Or possibly you have adhesions - the tissue doesn't always heal flat but can stick together and then it pulls.

  • Good point. Could easily be that as well.

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