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Does anyone have osteoarthritis as well as PMR? I've had sciatica and Bursitis in right leg for years on and off and now got sciatica in left leg more severe. I know I have bulging discs and impingement in L3 /L4 but the doctor doesn't seem concerned! I think I should be having another MRI scan or at least a spinal injection, I'm in agony! I'm in the uk. What does anyone else think I should do? Thanks, Helen

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I had similar symptoms before the PMR appeared but mine was definitely not due to disc problems, it was all muscular.

"the doctor doesn't seem concerned" - take someone with you to vouch for the pain and disability and request further investigation and treatment options. It isn't his pain!


Hello Helen

I totally agree with pmrpro.

Having had problems with my left hip and lower back for a few years and been only given painkillers but various doctors I have learned through bitter experience that the only way is to push for answers. I have been through the wrong diagnosis by a doctor which threw me off course but since my new hip operation I am in a much better place and have now reduced to 5 mg.

I am now caring for my husband who is awaiting a new knee but I am getting much better at researching, asking and questioning health matters. Sadly it appears the only way to go. Definitely take someone with you as pmrpro suggests.

I wish you good luck at your next appointment. You need help.


I had sciatica a year ago and finally got rid of it with physio. I was so relieved. A week ago it came back again which really makes me want to spit. My GP just says take paracetamol which are a total waste of time. I had a slipped disc many years ago, but I don't think the sciatica has anything to do with it. Last time it was the SI joint becoming inflamed and hitting the sciatic nerve.


I thought I had sciatica from May last year but it was probably all part and parcel of the PMR that was diagnosed by blood tests in January this year. I'm pretty sure the young GP at my practice spotted it earlier on but everything got confused with MRI scans revealing an ovarian cyst, requiring an immediate hysterectomy.

The MRI confirmed a prolapsed disc in my lumbar spine and I was heavily dosed with gabapentin for some time, which I think concealed a lot of the pain symptoms. I was rushed to hospital a week before Christmas when my back went completely, but they told me it was a matter of pain management and sent me home.

It's been an interesting few months I must say and frankly I feel somewhat relieved now that I have a diagnosis of PMR. At least I can learn to deal with that, and gets loads of support from this site.

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Hi Helen. I have been dealing with sciatica in both legs MRI showed nerve impingement and L4 vertebrae is moving forward on L5 causing instability. After months of waiting, PT, acupuncture, swimming, walking, heat, ice, etc. I am having an epidural injection this week which will hopefully help the pain. I haven't slept for more tan 2-5 hours a night for months, even taking Melatonin.

I had an epidural about 6-7 years ago. I walked out without any pain! It was so effective. You might mention this to your doctor. I find back pain to be so debilitating after a while.

I hope you get some help soon.

I will post the effectiveness of this epidural in a week or so.

Take care. ❤😍

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Hi Helen,

Same here with 4 and 5 and sciatica on and off. I was taking Tramadol for pain. The sciataca usually lasts a couple of weeks. I'm going to try some swimming exercises as soon as it gets a bit warmer. I'm in Florida so it shouldn't be long. I also have OA that flares from time to time. The more I move around the better off I am. If you can walk a bit each day when the sciatica isn't bothering you it may help

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