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The real Dr Houses

Over on the Lupus forum someone asked about Tara Palmer Tomkinson and what sort of vasculitis she had had. I looked at some of the reports and finally suggested "So at a guess it was Wegeners or Churg-Strauss syndrome ..."

I gather that is what Dr House says ;-) (No idea, I've never watched it).

Which led to the other lady saying "If only he were real...."

He personally isn't - but to go with all the poor doctors we hear and write about there are these:

Enjoy reading about them.

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I'll read these later, just had to say l loved House M.D & before I was diagnosed l used to say l wonder what House would make of me! 😂


No, I've never heard of Dr. House, either, but those 2 articles, made very interesting reading. Marvellous what lengths that GP went to for his patient. Also, 8-10 mins, is hardly enough time to say your say to your GP.


I'd heard of the series - Hugh Laurie is a British actor - just never watched it!


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