Prescription update

I posted last week about only being given enough prednisolone for one month at a time. I spoke to my new doctor today who agreed to give me 2 months worth each time. I'm happy with that thanks for your support which gave me the confidence to ask

I was also worried that he had replaced my very understanding doctor, who had made a great effort to research PMR when I was diagnosed. To my delight my new doctor told me I should reduce very slowly. I feel very lucky!

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  • Excellent!

  • Great result all round!!

    Jackie x

  • Just as long as your idea of slow reduction and his are the same!

  • He asked how long I had been on 4mg, I told him a few weeks. He said "not long then, stay on that a bit longer before reducing." I was encouraged by that, it sounds like he's had experience of treating PMR.

  • Maybe he trained in the NE - students there get sessions with a PMR patient and that means they get a much better idea of what it does to us and what works. There may be other similar projects in other medical schools. They were looking for volunteers a couple of years ago - I'd do it but it's a bit far to commute...

  • That's good news - takes some of the pressure off, doesn't it? Hope all continues to go smoothly with your new GP

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