Have PMR is this now GCA?

I was diagnosed with PMR in February of last year. Currently taking 12.5. Since Monday I have been dizzy off and on. Wednesday I had an unusual sight occurrence. One eye was double vision and the other was a zigzag rainbow in my side vision. Just lasted a few seconds. Read that it could be migraine but had no headache with it and has not happened since. I am 60 and have no headache problems. Went to my GP yesterday and am having a full blood panel and had an MRI of brain which was fine. Hope to know my sed rate today as rhuemy won't do anything without the science to back it up. GP suggested to see my eye dr. I am going to try to get in today but we are having a 3 day ice storm starting this afternoon. I now have just a general all over headache. I work at an elementary school so know that it could be whatever is going around. I feel that when seeing Drs. I am the one continually trying to make my case to be checked for inflammation showing up other places. I have felt as if I was treading water and holding my own but now the water has gotten up under my nose and I am getting weary. Thanks for any help and letting me vent a bit.

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  • If you aren't feeling ill and don't have other signs and symptoms it is most likely to be what is called an occular migraine and the best person to see would be your eye doctor to get it checked out. If it were me and I was in the UK I would go to the optometrist because you can - but in the countries where you would have to see an eye specialist (as I do) it does make it a harder decision doesn't it? You don't HAVE to have a headache with occular migraine:


  • Thanks PMR Pro that Link was helpful.

  • I have ocular migraines and they come with rather scary visual disturbances but no headache. The first time it happened I was terrified but now I know what it is I can manage it....and thankfully it happens occasionally rather than all the time.

    When it happens my vision blurs slightly and it makes everything seem like I am looking through cut glass at the brightest possible sunlight bouncing off the surface of a swimming pool. It flashes and makes it hard for me to function. I usually rest until it passes.

    It is good that you have seen your doc and that they are investigating. I hope you get answers/reassurance soon.

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  • I'm of the school where as far as having PMR is concerned, any sudden problems with vision should be investigated immediately to rule out GCA. And not least GCA - I know two people with PMR who experienced an unusual problem with their vision. One resulted in a diagnosis of a detached retina which needed emergency treatment, and the other a TIA. Also, our son at the age of 39 awoke one day with a strange blurring of his vision - that turned out to be a stroke.

    At least the result of your MRI scan of your brain is reassuring and let's hope that your eye doctor comes up with equally reassuring news. Good luck.

  • For the past three or four years I've been getting intermittent ocular migraines, very scary at first as I thought it might be a mini-stroke or something. I get no headaches with them, I just see a zig-zag of bright white light in an arch shape and then everything becomes all sparkling and shimmering. For me they last about 10 minutes, so I just shut my eyes and take a break and then I'm fine. Hope it's the same for you, but best to get these things checked out.

  • JanetRosslyn, you are the first person who has described exactly what I get, at times, except I don't think I have any migraines. I have PMR and GCA. I get that zig-zag with the bright white light, and sometimes there's blue and yellow as well.Sparkles to the point of dazzling. Also close my eyes and it goes. I have mentioned it to my Neuro, but he doesn't know what it is, or that it's anything to worry about.

  • Its good to know we're not alone! I also get the blue lights too sometimes, but forgot to mention them ... They were my very first sign, in my peripheral vision, and it took me a while to recognise they were not from the police cars outside (I work at a police station). My GP and optician assure me its quite common and nothing to worry about.

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