Hello, I had been reading about cinnamon and how it helps to reduce weight and especially stomach fat, which has been a problem since I started taking the steroids.

I have tried dieting and have just started a sugar free regime last week, after ordering and receiving the supplements today, I have been doing some research.

Putting the cart before the horse, so to speak, I think I may have made a mistake as I read that people on steroids shouldn't take cinnamon as it can cause kidney damage.

I have supplements of Ceylon cinnamon which is supposed to be the purest.

Has anyone taken any of these and are they said to be a no no for us people on steroids.

I wouldappreciate any comments.

Many Thanks.

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  • i can't find anything in the usual drug checkers - doesn't mean there isn't an interaction though. Where did you read it?

  • Please forgive me, I was getting confused on going back over my history pages I found I had made a mistake, it was statins it shouldn't be taken with.

    I have over reacted and there wasn't anything to connect steroids and cinnamon. If it does what it says in conjunction with honey and a diet, it may be a good thing.

    So sorry to have bothered you.

    Many thanks PMPpro

  • Hi Riversnan

    I have a shaker full of cinnamon powder and another with ginger powder - I combine the two in my porridge, smoothies and stir fries every day - I know both are beneficial however can't say it has helped my tum even though I follow absolute low carb diet.

    Wouldn't be without either, they are a flavorsome duo all the same.

    Good luck :) :)

  • Thank you for your reply Megan's, I doubt it will help mine either but it's worth a try. I think the steroids are ruling the fat stuff.

    I don't seem to be able to lose anything but I will keep trying.

    It's a small price to pay to be pain free and still have a life so I am not complaining..

  • Hi I was diagnosed with PMR and then GCA. Was on 80mg because I nearly lost sight.

    But I'm down to 5mg and have a little pain in neck and thighs and have had these for a while.

    I was back with rheumatologist on Thursday and he asked if I would like to reduce to 4.5. My CRP is 4 and ESR is 6

    Last September I was with rheumatologist and ESR and CRP was 8, while they wanted me to reduce, I was on 5mg and went up to 6.5 and had bloods done in Oct and CRP down to 3.5 and ESR 6my so I reduce slowly to 5 and stayed there till now.

    I've also been using ginger and cinaming for a year now. Well thought it would help with inflammation. Weather it does or not I don't know? But starting to worry is it doing me harm?

  • One warning I've received is that statins shouldn't be combined with grape juice due to adverse effects. In fact it is a warning on my prescription and on the label of the pills box containing my statins. The other thing I was advised is not to combine corticosteroids with aspirin - but paracetomol is ok for pain issues. I haven't heard anything about cinnamon. :)

  • Thank you for your reply this is such a helpful group.

  • Hi Brantuk, Can I ask who advised you not to combine aspirin and steroids please? I have just been prescribed aspirin at the first signs, for my newly diagnosed migraines. I take pred.

    Thank you

  • Steroids and any NSAIDs do not mix well and normally patients are told not to take them together on a regular basis. Both of them can lead to gastric irritation and even bleeding - and both of them tend to make bruising/bleeding worse. There has in the past been a recommendation to give low dose aspirin to GCA patients. Despite this also being available in a gastro resistant version it has now been decided it probably isn't worth the added risk as there is no good evidence it helps avoid anything.

    Are they SURE these are migraines? You say newly diagnosed - are they new onset as well?

  • Thank you.

    I'm not sure that are migraines, they are... This started last October. My whole head hurts, my face hurts and is tender & sensitive, my neck is painful; but I have had a couple of sickly horrid headaches which does sound like migraines.

    A neurologist advised soluble aspirin 900 mgs as soon pain gets bad, but should avoid using regularly. If inadequate try a triptan.

    I just don't know what to think any more.

  • Do you have a diagnosis of PMR or of GCA? If it is PMR and you also have this headache consistently - they should be considering it might be GCA.

  • I have GCA and PMR, diagnosed april 2015. I'm taking 8.5 pred at the moment

  • B.T.W my blood tests are normal...

  • For some people the blood tests show nothing if they are still on pred. Or do you mean they have never been raised?

    It was just a thought - and I really would keep an eye on it.

  • My ESR & CRP were very high at the beginning, I was started on 60 mgs of pred. Neurologist says bloods are normal so it cannot be GCA. I gather fFrom posts on this site, one can have a "flare" even though tests are low.

    I will keep a watch, if the pain continues I think I will increase my dose.

    Thank you ... :-)

  • Marion. I also had high numbers when I first was diagnosed with GCA (104) but when I had a flare two years later my numbers were good . My sed rate was 3 ... my doctor did not believe I was having a flare and I almost lost my eyesight. When I researched it ( John's Hopkins ) I found that some people do not have raised markers if they have been on prednisone for awhile. After much carrying on he did acknowledge he had missed the boat. careful always have to rely on your symptoms first. Usually the blood catches up but by then it could be too late. Just a caution.

  • I'm glad you got through it OK - but I'm also very glad to hear of a real live example of what I keep saying! My argument is usually if I know it from my reading - why doesn't a rheumatologist?

    Johns Hopkins and Mayo have such good resources!

  • Thank you for this 30048. I will... :-)

  • MARION7. That is exactly how I felt, when diagnosed 10 years ago, for GCA. They are the symptoms. My Neuro put me on a strict regime of Pred, starting dose 60mg, and that's what gave me relief. Am still on Pred...3mg daily.

    Aspirin will not help if you do have GCA.

    Hope you get help soon.

  • GrapeFRUIT juice - not grape juice!

  • Hi Brantuk, wondering if you have a source or a reference for the 'no' to cortersteroids and aspirin?

    I have GCA, now PMR, taking methyl prednisone and aspirin ( formerly cartoid dissect ion).

    My Dr.s have never said there's a problem.

    Would appreciate any reference to this you might have.

    Much appreciated.

  • "Hi Brantuk, wondering if you have a source or a reference for the 'no' to cortersteroids and aspirin?"

    Hi Whittlesey - it's not something I deduced from research so can't give a reference - it's just something my Rheumatologist told me - to not take aspirin whilst on prednisalone due to possible stomach upset or (worst case) damage.

  • It has generally been accepted that the use of low dose aspirin together with pred represents an acceptable risk but in a lecture given by Dasgupta about the latest recommendations for GCA he said this was now felt to be debatable and the guidance was to be withdrawn.

    This is a study done in dogs - and the risks there are significant.

    However - I don't know if the effect in dogs transfers to humans - it's the same with most animal studies!

    The NHS says

    "Combining NSAIDs and corticosteroids can increase your risk of developing stomach ulcers and internal bleeding. If you need to take both medications, you may be given an additional medication called a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) to reduce the risk of stomach ulcers."

    Aspirin is, of course, an NSAID.

  • Glad you have brought this up BECAUSE I have been sprinkling cinnamon on my porridge for the past 6 weeks!!



  • Well it seems it's ok for me to take, I had got. My statins and steroids mixed up but as I don't take statins it's ok.

  • Yes, but I have been on statins for over 20 years after a quadruple by-pass.

    So I WILL not be taking cinnamon on my porridge

  • Quite right!

    Though I suspect it is using supplements that is the problem rather than the small amounts you would use in cooking. The FDA wants a warning put on statin packs.

    It doesn't matter what a supplement is, natural or otherwise, it doesn't make it safe to mix with other medications. If it is powerful enough to achieve something, it is also powerful enough to cause trouble.

  • If you look on the internet and put in statins and cinnamon you will find the information I did. If this has helped you I am so pleased.

    Good luck

  • Hi Mation7 - it was my rheumy who advised - and PMRpro pretty much covers it in her post above. And yes - grapefruit juice not grape juice - my bad - thanks for the correction PMRpro. :)

  • Hi I am on steroids since june 2016 i put two and half stones the doctor told me that it will settle down . No way I cannot see this happening I don t know about cinnamon can do to help. I think sugar and salt and carb should get reduced. I know that this week end I am going to do some research they must be something and changes need to be done to lose some weight. I hope so I feel so bad. Good luck to you I will post mail if I find something useful. VIVI

  • Salt will make a difference to fluid retention - which happens with pred and also registers on the scales!

    If you cut carbs you automatically cut sugar - and cutting both helps lose weight with pred since pred changes the way our bodies process sugar and increases the likelihood of fat being deposited in the expected places. Cut carbs - and you reduce that.

  • That's good advice thank you, I will cut out salt too, but I love my food highly seasoned....ok extra pepper and herbs.

    Many thanks for all your help


  • You can have all the seasoning you like - just not salt!

  • Hi VIVI

    I have read that cinnamon is an appetite suppressant and that is the main reason I am taking it. I have only taken it for 2days so far but I am on a sugar free regime and eating as healthily as I can. Trying to cut out carbs too.

    There is also an article in a diet book I bought that recommends glutamine as an appetite suppressant.

    Maybe you could look it up and see if you think either may help you.

    I will post on here again in a couple of weeks and let you know how I am doing on the cinnamon.


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