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i was diagnosed on Monday with PMR. New to the diagnosis and trying to understand.


Where do I donate


I am a newbie. Started taking 15mg preds yesterday morning. Woke at 3.30 am with unpleasant feeling of restlessness in my muscles. Can only describe it as a sort of wrything or shuddering impulse. Not painful but preventing me from sleeping. Now it is 5.20 am and I have been reading posts here. So glad I found you!! I have 2 questions. Is this horrid restlessness usual on taking preds? Also I thought I had joined here, but can not log in and the only way i can post is by this answer. how do I post a question?


I'm also a newbie and this forum is so helpful. Lots of experts with good advice. Re how to post a question if you tap on top left hand icon (looks like a newspaper page) that takes you to option to write post. Pred does take a bit to get used to but benefits are worth it. My dose was upped from 15 to 60 a few days ago. Maybe why I've been awake since 4am 😂 but in bed so I'm resting. Welcome to the club and the aunties will be along soon with their knowledge. Watch out the silly uncle too

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