Happy New Y'all

I wish you all a healthier, less exhausted and less painful 2017.

In the lead up to Xmas we looked after a 9 month old puppy...(I can now see how silly and naive that seems!). 9 days of relentless needs to be on call, available, alert and a daily short walk from me. Plus games in the garden involving balls (and kicking). Plus (unheard of in my days of having pets, she slept in our my nights were disturbed and mornings early.

On Boxing Day her mum and dad came for dinner and to collect her...I cooked Xmas dinner for 6. On this I had paced myself...preparing many of the veg in advance and freezing it for heating on the day. I also enjoy cooking a roast dinner so the actual cooking and serving hardly bothered me. Although by Xmas day walking had become painful, in fact I was limping and in pain. I had upped my Pred back to 15mg from 14mg to get me over this period. Dropping again to 14mg on 28th,

At 8pm the dog and guests had all gone. Somehow within 30 mins the living room looked back to normal and we both slept that night like old people who can sleep. Yesterday, 6 days on, was the first day I felt almost normal and had enough energy to do a short foot pain, reduced stamina but that will need building again! Today I am short of spoons and have some foot pain....

So for this year I have decided that I will not say Yes to providing anything that will use my limited resources. If we have guests coming to stay they will have to be much more involved in everyday tasks, cooking, shopping etc. I love being a hostess, I love helping people and I know that I now have to turn these feelings off to take care of myself.

I should be reducing to 13mg this week....I will wait now until next week and then I need to go and have a chat with my doctor and wonder with him whether reducing is helpful right now....I seem to be at the limit currently, and my blood results were unchanged in the ESR and CRP dept from the previous month.

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Hi IdasMum,

No disgrace in giving yourself another few weeks on your current dose - in fact eminently sensible. I always think January can be a bit draining for everybody, after the euphoria and hoohah of Christmas it can be a bit 'flat' even if you're 100% fit!

Take care and Happy New Year.


Well done you. Have a very happy self saving new year.

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