Lipoma - pmr side effect

Hi lovelies, diagnosed PMR Feb 2016 but def had it for longer, I have a very large lipoma on back of neck which has be there for about three years but recently had grown very large. Doc kept putting it on back burner until PMR 'settled', so been left all year to grow to a large and uncomfortable size, new doc referred me straight away and have surgery booked early in new year, there is a small chance of malignancy due to size, in reading PMR side effects a few posts have mentioned dowagers hump!!! Would be interested in any comments about this. Also what I can expect post surgery, many thanks to you all for your support and advice over the past few months has helped a lot x

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  • Hi,

    Sorry can't help specifically on this one, only general advice re op. Make sure everybody concerned knows you're on Pred, and what level. Some are recommended to take extra Pred on the day, and following day depending on pain anticipated, but that seem to vary from doctor to doctor, procedure to procedure etc.

    Hope it's turn out to be benign, good luck.

  • Thanks so much Dorset Lady it's just a balancing act isn't it! Will post when I've had op thanks for all your help and support we should vote you as the PMR support queen so good that you take the time to respond to these posts from sufferers of a little known disease, the only people that seem to know about it are the people who have it, thanks again lovely lady I hope 2017 finds you well and happy xxx

  • I hope the procrastinating doctor has been ticked off - there is a big difference between a lipoma and a pred-induced buffalo hump! A lipoma is sort of localised and moves when you prod it, sort of squishy. A buffalo hump is different in "consistency", more solid and just part of the upper part of your back. Don't know how to explain it - you can see when you look at them but I don't recommend looking online until after you've had it removed. But they are unsightly as well as uncomfortable once they get big.

    Usually lipomas are removed under local anaesthetic so you shouldn't be too bad after apart from the incision will be sore like any op. But as DL says - make sure everyone knows you are on pred. And look after yourself - be a poorly person and don't be persuaded you are better than you know you feel!

  • Thanks so much pmpro and yes you are right I need to stop playing the martyr and learn to relax had quite a bit off work recently but will def need recovery time after! All the best to you and yours this Christmas and new year xxxx

  • Our Christmas Angels responded as I knew they would, with wisdom. I would just reiterate, tell them, tell them and tell them again about Prednisalone and PMR. (Docs).

    I think I've got a "Dowager's Hump" It's a fat back basically, not a separate growth. I hope your operation goes well and the growth is perfectly harmless. Have a peaceful Christmas and a very happy 2017 Brensy.

  • Sound advice as usual Sheffield Jane, just hoping for a speedy recovery and a good outcome! Thanks for replying and I wish you all the best for Christmas and new year xxxx

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