Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, where does it fit?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, where does it fit?

I recall reading in Kate Gilbert's book something about CP Syndrome and at the time couldn't work out what (or if) there is some connection to PMR.

I had CPS over 10 years and finally bi-lateral surgery in March and May 2015. Had a good recovery and enjoyed using my hands and arms normally for a few months before what I now know was the onset of PMR in Dec 2015.

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  • It is one of what I call the add-ons to PMR - like myofascial pain syndrome and trochanteric bursitis it is very commonly found in patients with PMR. There are studies mentioning it.


  • Thanks xx

  • I had CPS in my left hand before I was diagnosed with PMR. On taking pred it seems to have gone away thank goodness.

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