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Is anyone planning to have the new shingles jab for the +70s? As I've just reached that magical age I booked the jab for tomorrow at my local surgery. Quite by chance I read the pred notes that come with every prescription. In there it states that if you are taking pred you should keep away from people with shingles as they could affect you severely. I wondered if that applied to having the jab.

I called the surgery and was told that I should not have the jab as it could give me shingles rather than preventing. I've had it once and definitely do not want it again!!

So that's a warning to all. I'll also raise at the surgery that before arranging the jab they should check the medication being taken

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Hi Roy,

We do give advice on here not to have the shingles jab, because of the reason quoted.

I imagine your surgery will say they are too busy to check individuals' medication. They just just flag up everybody of a certain age on these things.

FYI - If you haven't had a pneumonia jab, that's okay with Pred.


The surgery is festooned with banners exhorting the jab. Too busy is not the right answer when there could be dire consequences. The first question should be: are you on any medication?

I've had the pneumonia jab, plus the 'flu jab, plus monthly blood tests. I have a pin-cushioned arm!!

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No I agree, but very often the onus is on the patient to ask the question!

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It's been discussed a fair bit at various time - but a few weeks ago I re-found a fact I'd found before and then forgotten: the pharmaceutical company mentions PMR as an adverse event noted during the clinical trials. Read about it here:

There is also evidence that there may be an association between the zoster virus and GCA: a large majority of positive temporal artery biopsies were found to contain the virus.

In my book I think that is enough to warn any of us off having the shingles vaccine. Particularly since it isn't particularly effective as you get older - only about 20% in over 70s I think - and another of the warnings is that it CAN trigger shingles itself.

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