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Omeprazole worries

Hello all!

Like many others, I have been on Omeprazole since diagnosis of PMR and starting Prednisolone. I'm not happy about taking it, as I already have osteoporosis and I'm convinced it has caused/exacerbated the urinary problems* I've been experiencing. (These* have improved since I decided to stop taking it for a while, but I'm aware this could just be coincidence.)

I've seen several posts about taking live yogurt and would be interested to learn a) when to take it (presumably, before taking the Pred in the morning?) and b) how much to take.

All contributions gratefully received. Thanks in advance!

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I think most people take their ored with yoghurt - but eating yoghurt is good anyway. Some people simply take their pred in the middle of a proper breakfast - that was recommended by a pharmacist, so that the tablets are "sandwiched" amongst the food. I've never bothered with either particularly and didn't have any problems when I was taking ordinary forms of pred.

I don't know - if I stop taking a drug and a problem improves, it seems fair to put at least some blame on it!!! And if you google it - lots of other people found the same coincidence.

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Thanks, PMRpro. Good advice, as always!


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