When does pred weight loss kick in?

Hello! Currently on 9mg pred after a start of 15mg in August and coping well. However roughly at what dosage does the steroid weight loss kick in? My daughter gets married in June and I have bought a lovely (expensive!) size 14 dress but am currently blooming at size 18 hoping to reduce down by then! I have started a low carb diet (yes before Xmas! Michael Mosman's The Low Blood sugar diet) and bought an exercise bike and plonked it in front of the telly. I am trying to reduce by 1mg a month so by June I should be at 4mg. In theory that is.....

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  • Impossible to say - everyone is different and some really unlucky people don't lose weight until they are totally off pred. We'll hope that doesn't apply to you given you have your dress!!! I put it off and put it off - I was at my fattest just before the wedding - and finally got something. By the wedding I had lost a few inches round my waist - and the trousers were too loose! The spare black pair I'd taken in case she wouldn't have her mother dressed in orange actually fell down!

    It is possible to lose weight while still on pred - there has been a thread on the Lupus forum where ladies still on pred have lost sizeable amounts: one has lost 16lbs in 7 weeks, another over 3st but over a much longer period. They have both been using Slimming World. My daughter is also often on high dose pred for asthma and has used the Slimming World diet and lost a fair bit, about 8kg last time I asked.

    Be careful with the bike - start with really just a few minutes and no resistance - and build it up slowly. PMR doesn't like a sudden increase in activity and will bite back - which will put you off doing anything!

    But a warning - don't set your heart on being down to 4mg or any other specified dose by and specified time. It doesn't work like that - you may find the dose you are looking for, the lowest dose that manages your symptoms, is higher than that for the present. Belwo about 7mg your adrenal glands are having to wake up - and they may not play ball at the speed you would be asking them to. You can't force things with PMR or with your adrenal function. While the cause of the PMR is still active you will need pred - or suffer the PMR. And adrenal function is essential to life and if it is being slow you can potentially feel more tired than anything you ever experienced with PMR. Either way - you won't enjoy the wedding.

  • Sound advice. I am being over optimistic I think. I can see me doing some last minute dress shopping in May! However I shall persevere with diet but keep it slow and steady on the bike!

    Many thanks!

  • I lost weight right from the start on a new form of pred to the one that caused the trouble for me (Medrol, horrible stuff!) It was very slow - and any more than a very minimum of carbs leads to weight gain even now. But it did go - I couldn't exercise much at first, I was on crutches due to achilles tendon problems.

    But if you aim high you will get closer than if you aim low - just be prepared to alter your plans if necessary!

  • Seems like I'm going to have to embrace the low carb way of life from now on then!

  • I found that 7mgs was the dose when I could begin to lose weight. Have lost a stone and a half following the 5/2 diet which has become a permanent way of life ( though not as strict with the calorie counting now.) I am currently on 3 mgs and am back to my pre prednisolone weight. I have also kept fit by walking and playing badminton. Good luck and enjoy the wedding!

  • That's encouraging! Thanks!

  • Have been on the Slimming world diet for a year . Started preds at 15 mg 2years ago now down to 4.5 mg . Have lost 2 stone in weight . Really hard work but it can be done . It will happen

  • Well done! Slimming World is mentioned a lot I see. I'll try this low carb blood sugar diet and see how it goes.

  • You can eat most thing with slimming world it is a low fat diet , you can also get a voucher from the doctor to help you with joining fee and 3 month costs . My daughter did when she was diagnosed with fybromyalgia . Hope you get down to your weight target💐

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