Pred and diazapam

I have , slightly against my better judgement, arranged to visit my daughter in Norway for Christmas and have been prescribed diazepam to counteract my nervousness about flying. Does anyone know of any interaction with prednisolone? I've just been rather alarmed by reading about the effects of cold weather on PMR so another worry that will need calming!

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  • Where in Norway are you going? And why against your better judgement?

    I live halfway up a mountain in northern Italy - with pretty low temperatures in winter. I have far fewer problems here in winter than I do in the UK as the cold is dry and there is far less wind. It is damp and wind that makes mine worse. Our houses - and Norway will be the same - are also designed for cold weather - it's barely been above freezing for a while, a very brief period of perhaps +5C in the early afternoon, but we only have the heating on in the early morning and evening. I appreciate we do have a lot more sun than Norway at this time of year which makes a big difference (not that it always shines here) - but if you are dressed properly the temperature shouldn't affect your PMR too much.

    As for taking diazepam and pred together, the only interaction is that diazepam can decrease the effect of pred. That may mean you need a slightly higher dose to manage your symptoms briefly - you won't be taking it the entire time I presume, just the day you fly?

    Enjoy it - you might even get to see the Lights! I'd love to go...

  • Thank you for the advice. Against my better judgment because of the flying about which I'm a dreadful coward - hence the diazepam which I'll take the night before and on the day of flying. I'm currently on 10mg so will increase on days of outward and return flights - perhaps to 12mg?

    I do know about the weather conditions and dressing properly; I've lived in both Sweden and North Germany so have experience of this and also of the efficiently heated and insulated houses. But I didn't have PMR and OA at that time!

  • You'll be fine - and you'll have a lovely time. Like polkadotcom - I'm jealous!

  • PS She lives in Oslo and we shall be going to Bergen area to her boy friend's family for the Christmas period - not quite far enough for the lights I think.

  • Suppose it depends - sometimes they get down to Scotland. We'd planned to cross to Norway on our way to a meeting in Sweden - but they stopped the Newcastle to Bergen ferry. I'd love to go - but in the summer to see the fjords.

  • Umm, Maria40 if you're not going can I go instead? Perfect place for Christmas! I think you will do very well there.

  • I shall go but quake in my boots at the thought of flying although I know it's a relatively short trip and I'm sure it will be great once I get there. PMRpro has given me advice about steroids and diazepam which helps.

  • Welcome to Norway. You're going to have a lovely time here. And don't worry about the flying. Take your diazepam and relax🎄⛄️🎅

  • Thank you so much. I've just spoken to my daughter on Skype and am beginning to focus on the holiday rather than the flight!

  • That's the way! The flight is just an irritating and boring inconvenience to get places relatively quickly ...

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