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Left TMJ arthritis


Does anyone else happen to have arthritis in their tmj/jaw? i've had it it for a few years now on the left tmj, my disc is gone & the joint is bone on bone now. this is one reason i didnt pay much attention to all the pulsating in my left temple - i thought it was because of my jaw & i had no choice but to manage the pain between steroid injections.

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Hi. This is interesting. I am being persuaded by my rheumy that I have to have the jaw replacement my surgeon wants me to because of the arthritis in the joint. I have been diagnosed and are being treated for pmr/gca for a over two years. ( I'm sure I had pmr for a couple of years before ). This past few months my rheumy has been saying he doesn't think it is gca, even tho I have all the classic symptoms and when I have a flare it responds to large dose of pred within half an hour. So, because of your post I am thinking could arthritis in my jaw be mimicking gca? I guess the pred hit would help the jaw but where does that leave the sight disturbance etc? All a bit of a mystery to try to understand much like this incidious illness.

I have no medical knowledge but personally I wouldn't ignore the symptoms you are experiencing, because if it is gca it would seem that speed of pred been administered is essential.

I hope you get the answers you are looking for on this brilliant supportive site.

I think I have both. I've been on a too high dose of prex since Sept 2nd, 60mg with some failed attempts at taper. Still too much pulsating, I flammation & puffy arteries. I am getting g biopsy on Wed, hoping & praying for some chance they will hit the right spot and give me some answers if I do actuly have gca.

Hi. I have terrible pain in right tmj. I was on steroids and still on mg, for six years. First diagnosis was PMR. Have full blown RA now. Recently it's got worse. Very stiff and painful. Been put another RA med and had a shot of steroid but so far not worked. When I eat,and being pumped full of steroid you want to eat, it feels as if it's crunching. Horrible. So whose the right person to see. Rhuemy,GP or dentist. I feel for you as its constantly there. I have been stressed over it which makes you clench your teeth more. Good old RA. Never stops. 😉 Take care. Xx

I see a dmd(Dr of medical dentistry) who specializes in tmj surgery & treatments. He is good. He did tell me my tmj arthritis is something that is unheard of outside of auto immune. Rheumys in my town still don't care. They have tunnel vision for the 4 blood tests all normal for me, Ana, ra, esr, & crp.

Thanks for reply. Think I may go and see my dentist. Looked on line and found some exercises for jaw with arthritis. My bloods do reflect when jaw etc painful. Good luck 😉

Thx. I'm recovering from the temporal artery biopsy today. resting up this evening & waiting on results.

Night guard helps me a lot. Now I wear the I wear the unsightly thing all day and am happy to. It helps with the temple pain & keeps my trigeminal neuralgia from setting off as much as it would without it. If I didn't mention I had the steroid cushion put in there in may. Helped tmj, but iffy to get another one with high oral pred I'm on (55 right now). Also for many months in late winter/spring dmd put me on a no chew diet. Bummer, but it made a big difference. Also helped with temporal pulsating & pain. Talking a lot can set all those off for me also.

Hi - I am new on here and just came across your post. I have had Tmj problems for years. Back in the 90s I was to have surgery to align my jaw; but found an orthodontist to correct my open bite. Since then I have worn a night guard every night and have had pain for so many years up to this day. I went to another TMD doctor and had an MRI and I have severe osteoarthritis in my jaw. I’m very concerned because of being on prednisone and having PMR. I have symptoms you described but worse. I thought the pain was due to the jaw. I’m not sure now.

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