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Finally been taken seriously!

Just introducing myself. I've been on the healthunlocked AF site for a few years, but new to this forum. I'm 60 very fit, run, do Pilates etc, but since September had suffered with pain and stiffness in hips, neck, shoulders and tops of arms. 1st GP sent me away to keep taking the painkillers. The second one told me she'd refer me to the physio at my local hospital even though I'd just told her I was already seeing a physio, Both had muttered about PMR but that's all. I suggested we might do some blood tests for inflammatory markers, which she agreed to. Got a letter from the surgery telling me that I should make an appointment for a phone consult only, the earliest of which was next Monday. After another night of the usual tossing and turning I realised that whatever she said on the phone next Monday wouldn't alter the fact that my quality of life was vastly reduced, so I asked for an appointment with one of the senior drs. Thankfully there was one yesterday afternoon. ESR and CRP raised, PMR diagnosed. On 20mg pred with an urgent referral to a rheumatologist. In just 12 hours I'm nearly free of pain hurrah!! What a battle it's been!

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That is good news (and bad too, of course) ! I think having a diagnosis is very important as all subsequent symptoms and difficulties are interpreted with this in mind.

Good Luck on your journey from now on!


Welcome - wish it had only taken 2 months for me to get a dx! Although had I seen a different doctor in the practice it would have come sooner - but the obvious PMR expert in the 6-person practice kept having maternity leave!

Anyway - now onwards and upwards!

Oh - and by the way, I wonder if your A/F is anything to do with the same autoimmune process as your PMR? Mine is considered to be.


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