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Doctors visit update

I love my GP she pulled in another doctor on my visit to confer about the tinnitus and he showed her how to tell if I still have moon face.

First the screech in my ears started a few months ago with chewing each bite gets a screech. It stumped both of them but knowing my doc she will be searching for the answer.

The other doctor told her to look straight at my face and then asked " do you see her ears?" No she did not... so I still have moon face. Rats !,,,,

Labs have been ordered and I will get them done on Tuesday.

I took my annual flu shot which made my right shoulder muscle hurt and match the left. Started with pain in side of neck and top of shoulder muscle on arm one week prior. I have had the flu shot every year forever as I was in nursing and they basically mandated we took them. The one year I did not take it I got deathly ill.

I have been tapering from 17.5 to 16mg and have the niggling of a headache still. I have had right sided headache for as many years as I can remember so for me it is hard to tell if GCA or not.

The swelling on top of my shoulders the other doc said it was a fatty deposit. I asked if my buffalo hump was growing in the wrong place? He laughed and said they don't call it buffalo hump. And I have a small amount of fat on my hump area but not much.

I know a Rhuematologist would be y better choice but we simply do not have enough in our area and I trust my doctor and she listens to me about what I have learned on the forum and she is glad I found you all.

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A good GP beats a dodgy rheumy any day!!! And they are more accessible.


Of course we are all looking in the mirror now to see if we can see our ears. Hmmm nope! 😕


Caught me at it!

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I had similar problems in February when I had terrible trouble eating (chewing) and my doctor diagnosed GCA and I had a biopsy to take out a bit of artery for testing in my left

forehead. He immediately upped my steroids from 1mg to 40mg. When the biopsy proved negative he started to taper my dose down and I am now on 7mg.

I also have moon face, wobbly legs and round shoulders - but the shoulders are probable caused by my curvature of the spine.

Not sure if this helped you.


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