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Ausable River Bank Beavers and PMR

PMRpro, I celebrated my 40th birthday in a cardiac intensive care unit with a diagnosis of pericarditis/myocarditis. Definite inflammatory - autoimmune disorders. In 2012, I had a second bout of myocarditis.

During the winter of 2015, I worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, for five months doing a 40 year renovation on our primary residence. The scope of the project included demolition, framing, drywall, cabinet making, tile setting, plumbing, wiring, and all forms of light and heavy construction. Each night I would get up between three and four AM to take Ibuprofen for the onset of troubling muscle aches that seemed unrelated to the project and were unfamiliar to me. I shrugged and wrote them off as old age (70) and hard work.

When the following spring arrived, I left my renovation project behind and went to our vacation home in upstate NY where I worked tirelessly planting a large vegetable garden. Here, I broke through the surface of a fishing/waterfowling path I cut along the river, that had been undermined by bank beavers. My left leg dropped in the beaver tunnel and never hit bottom, while my right leg stayed on the surface. When this occurred, my right knee came up to my right ear; a new yoga move not intended for seniors. Afterward, I had excruciating pain in my hip girdle region, and within days, PMR symptom began.

My theory is I had significant inflammation, (and possible low level PMR), from the winter work and spring planting that was being marginally suppressed by my body's normal cortisol production. Regrettably, the acute injury caused additional inflammation that my hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal axis (HPA) could not suppress. This injury, combined with previous inflammation, and my history of autoimmune disorders caused an inflammatory cascade, or "perfect storm" that brought on the PMR.

Although adrenal insufficiency is not a commonly listed cause for PMR, I ask that you please look at: The Adrenal Steroid Status in Relation to Inflammatory Cytokines in PMR; Oxford Journals - Medicine & Health - Rheumatology Volume 39, Issue 6 Pp. 62.

I have a second bathroom to complete and my kitchen cabinet doors need to be refinished, but I am now impatiently watching them from my recliner.

Although I have not run a trapline since my adolescent years, this fall, (PMR symptoms permitting), I may just put on my waders and get some material for a nice new Yukon style beaver hat.

If you reject my theory that beavers can cause PMR, I hope you found my theory somewhat unique and interesting. LOL

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Well ! I'll be damned!!

Juvenile humour - sorry!


My wife's favorite Joke: What's the difference between a man and a treasury bond? Answer: The bond matures.

Re My post: Everything I wrote is a serious as a heart attack. Perhaps even the part about the beaver. I haven't made up my mind yet.

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As the saying goes - "truth can be stranger than fiction"!

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What a vivid picture you paint! I am sorry that you have been halted in all your industry. I think you could have a promising career as a writer though.

" The Beaver Journals" you're welcome!

Your take on the aetiology leading to PMR makes perfect sense to me. I feel for how constrained you must now feel by this dratted condition. Heed the warnings though and slow down, smell the roses.

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Thank you SheffieldJane, Regrettably, we have old friends coming for a visit today and as luck would have it, a zone valve failed on the heating system and a drain line backed up. Yesterday, I went up and down the cellar stairs countess times while completing the necessary work, and when finished my legs were trembling and felt like rubber. I thought this was fine and all I needed was a little rest. Unfortunately, the story had not ended. By midnight, my pulse became rapid, I experienced a strings of ectopic heartbeats and my blood pressure crashed. I had done too much and the PMR Gods had spoken! On the writings front, I am a co-administrator of a history website and write history research papers. In closing I see you also have a flair, which you demonstrated nicely in your witty reply.

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